halo2Have you ever tried a blooming tea? Being an avid tea drinker, I surprisingly by no means knew of their existence till I began working at Art of Tea. Blooming or flowering teas are hand-crafted, normally from China. Flowers are sewn and bundled into tea leaves which are dried collectively to create a sphere or bulb. When steeped in scorching water, the bulb slowly unfurls right into a blooming masterpiece earlier than your eyes. The flowers develop into a centerpiece amidst the petal-like tea leaves eluding to a bigger flower beneath. Blooming teas generally use flowers together with: hibiscus, amaranth, lilies and jasmine. Even with the flowers threaded into the tea, flowering teas sometimes have little or no taste and aroma. But the specialists at Art of Tea have discovered a option to gently infuse pure fruit flavors into these blooming tea bulbs with out damaging their dimension and form. This secret offers Art of Tea’s blooming teas an additional particular kick of taste and scent.

HaloArt of Tea carries a handful of wonderful blooming teas. By far essentially the most stunning is the award-winner, Halo , which involves us from the Anhui Province in Eastern China. These delicate bulbs are hand-sewn meticulously to fastidiously wrap the white tea leaves along with jasmine and amaranth flowers. Halo blossoms an awe-catching ring or halo made from flowers, which supplies this tea its title.

If you wish to impress your folks, Halo will do it! Its look is charming, however along with its magnificence, Halo tastes comforting and calming. You will taste notes of peach and blueberry essence with a clean and spherical odor of the jasmine flowers.

When steeping a blooming tea, ensure the water is about 206 levels or at boiling temperature. Pour your water first. Then, drop one bulb and prepare to be blown away! Strain as wanted, so that you don’t find yourself chewing on petals. One bulb could make about two (8oz) servings. You may also re-steep the identical bulb two to 3 occasions.


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