To have the greatest cup of tea, I feel of recent tea leaves, high quality and temperature of the water, the steeping vessel, the cup, the timing of brewing and of course the ambiance of the place I’ll drink my tea. 

One of my favourite methods to expertise these qualities is thru a brewing vessel generally known as a Gaiwan. Historically, the Gaiwan (which implies “covered bowl”), advanced from the Chawan – a bigger tea bowl from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Gaiwan was initially developed for inexperienced tea however grew to become extra common as oolong and black teas have been developed in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). It consists of a saucer, a bowl and a lid. The bowl is barely flared outward which is the greatest form for ingesting inexperienced teas. Porcelain is right for teas that want a decrease temperature water to steep because it, by design, takes on the warmth and cools the water. Gaiwan are available in porcelain, clay and glass, and the design might be from easy to elegantly painted. Larger leaf teas which are infused a number of instances are ideally brewed in a Gaiwan.

Whether it’s a number of infusions of a fragile Silver Needle white or a wealthy wine-like Hao Ya A — black Keemun, your senses will likely be delighted with the expertise of the ritual that unfolds taste sensations and aromas in your Gaiwan.


Steps to brew in a Gaiwan: 4-5 ounce measurement

1. Prepare freshly boiled water and let cool to approx 190 – 195F.

2. Rinse Gaiwan and lid with the sizzling water to heat the vessel.Discard.

3. Measure your tea: 1 tsp to begin, extra if utilizing bigger leaf tea.

4. Add tea leaves to the heat Gaiwan.

5. Cover tea with a small quantity of water.Replace lid.Hold the edge of Gaiwan bowl with thumb and fourth finger with second finger on high of lid.Tilt the lid barely and pour the water off instantly.

6. Lift lid and odor perfume of the rinsed leaf.

7. Pour in water to the degree the place the lid sits.Cover with lid.

8. Steep 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes relying in your tea selection.(Green teas would require a shorter steeping time than black teas.)

9. Tilt lid once more and pour tea right into a pouring pitcher, then into small cups.

10. Enjoy perfume underneath lid.Note the partially expanded leaves, their texture and colour.

11. Sip and savour your tea.Pay consideration to tea liquor colour, perfume and taste.You can also select to drink straight from a Gaiwan, utilizing the lid to maintain leaves in vessel.

12. Re-infuse a number of instances.Each time you re-steep you might alter the size of infusion time which can reveal different nuances to get pleasure from.

Karen J. Hartwick based Stratford Tea Leaves in 2001. This tea tasting bar and boutique is positioned in Stratford, Ontario, Canada with an energetic on-line neighborhood and web tea boutique. She is a guide, public speaker and tea sommelier with quite a few certifications together with Specialty Tea Institute Level Four expertise and cupping certificates and the Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association Certification provided in Taipei, Taiwan.

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