Oolongs and Jin Fo and Chai- Oh My!

Whether you’re new to tea or not, observing an extended listing of unique however unfamiliar tea decisions can really feel a bit intimidating. If your seek for the right cup has ever been stalled as you agonize over names like Lavender Dreams White, Dragonwell or Golden Monkey, our Beginner’s Guide to Tea Types is the right place to begin your tea journey.

The names of teas are often associated to both the area through which they have been grown, or within the case of blends, the title is supposed to describe the general taste expertise. The excellent news is, it’s straightforward to get a way of any tea- no matter its name- when you perceive  the 5 forms of tea.


  • All tea comes from one plant- Camellia sinensis. Put merely, if it’s not Camellia sinensis, then it’s not tea!
  • There are solely 5 important forms of tea– all  others are simply variations
  • The degree of oxidation determines tea sort


All tea is produced from Camellia sinensis, an evergreen plant that’s indigenous to China and India, however is cultivated all through the world. So whether or not you’re sipping a black, inexperienced, white, oolong or pu-her, every is produced from the identical leaves.

Infusions produced from different forms of crops are known as tisanes (natural teas); they’ve very completely different chemical elements, flavors, makes use of and well being benefits- in order that they’re not thought-about true teas.


There are solely 5 important forms of teas, categorised by oxidation ranges. Oxidation is a chemical response. Oxidation takes place when tea leaves react with oxygen within the air, altering the taste, aroma and look of the leaves . White and inexperienced teas are unoxidized, oolongs are partially oxidized, and black and pu-ehr’s are totally oxidized. As a rule of thumb, much less oxidized teas are lighter in colour and taste, whereas extremely oxidized teas are darker in colour and bolder in taste.

White Tea- White tea is produced from unoxidized leaf buds, and is the least processed of all teas.

Green Tea- Green tea is produced from leaves which were allowed to wither barely after being picked.  Oxidation is then stopped in a short time via fast heating.

Oolong Tea- Oolong tea is produced from partially oxidized leaves. The leaves are tossed in bamboo baskets to flippantly bruise the sides in order that the outer a part of the leaf is oxidized whereas the middle is left inexperienced.

Black Tea- Black tea is produced from totally oxidized tea leaves. The leaves are first  withered, then rolled to expose the leaf’s oils and maximize oxidation.

Pu-ehr Tea- Pu-ehr tea produced from totally oxidized leaves which are then aged, generally for 50 years or extra.

So that’s the fundamentals. To be certain, there are millions of different issues that impact the flavors, aromas, well being advantages, caffeine ranges and high quality of every selection, however all teas fall into one of many 5 classes. Choosing your excellent cup begins with understanding the 5 forms of tea. Once you do, you’ll get pleasure from delving into every class and discovering the hundreds of wonderful varieties inside every.


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