Beautiful Purple Cone Flowers can usually be seen in North American gardens. However, few folks know this frequent plant produces the extract Echinacea. Often praised for its immune boosting results, Echinacea has change into a extensively accepted naturopathic treatment.


  • Archaeologists imagine that Native Americans might have been utilizing Echinacea as a “cure all” for over 400 years.
  • In 1870, Echinacea advocate H.C.F Meyer created Meyer’s Blood Purifier as a remedy for every thing from syphilis to snakebite. He even volunteered to be bitten by a snake to show the effectiveness of his product.
  • The reputation of this surprise plant waned in the United States with the introduction of antibiotics.
  • In Germany, the plant is authorized to deal with colds, higher respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections and small wounds.
  • It is believed that the root of the Echinacea plant might help hold flu signs at bay.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Although obtainable in capsule kind, teas and tinctures are believed to be simpler when used medicinally.
  • Prevent the throat tickle from turning into a full-blown chilly by making Echinacea tea a part of your day by day routine. Studies present that ingesting Echinacea tea has a 58% efficient price of stopping the frequent chilly.
  • Suffer from eczema, pores and skin irritation and even boils? Lather your pores and skin with topical Echinacea and watch the therapeutic start.
  • Don’t like cranberry juice? Drink Echinacea tea as a substitute to deal with that urinary tract an infection. If making your individual tea, ensure you use the roots to obtain the full profit.
  • If utilizing the crops out of your backyard to make the tea, there isn’t any have to dig it up. The leaves and flowers even have medicinal qualities, simply select ones which can be wholesome and bug free.
  • Add some taste to your own home brew with spearmint, lemon grass, chamomile or rose hips. Honey won’t solely add a little bit of sweetness, however will assist ease that cough or ailing throat.

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