In this article, we will take a look at some of the Best Chosen Kung Fu teas.

We would recommend using Mini Travel Ceramic Tea Pot Set Chinese Kung Fu Teapot, 1 Pot 2 Cups Porcelain Teacups with Tea Infuser Portable Bag for Outdoor Picnic (Black) as it is available at a reasonable price.

Kung Fu Tea is a fantastic blend of loose leaf teas that contains caffeine for energy, antioxidants to help with detoxification, and L-theanine to promote relaxation.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to coffee or don’t like the taste of green tea but want all the benefits it has on your body without having to drink hot liquid first thing in the morning, this product can be your solution!

The Best Kung Fu Tea Set

Kung Fu Tea is the perfect pick-me-up for people who want to feel energized and refreshed.

Whether you’re looking for a caffeine boost or trying to get rid of that 2 pm slump, our caffeinated tea should do the trick.

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fanquare Japanese Kung Fu Tea Sets for Adults, Black Traditional Chinese Tea Set, Hot Tea Travel Sets with Teapot, Tea Cups

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  • GUARANTEE: If you receive the product with broken, please take photos and contact us after receive the parcel. We will response and arrange the second shipping or refund very soon. We support to do wholesale, OEM and ODM.
  • PACKAGE: Comes with carton package, including 1 teapot, 4 tea cups, 1 tea canister, 1 tea tray, 1 travel bag, tea towel and bamboo clip. The porcelain tea set is packed with foam and shockproof box to prevent broken in shipping.
  • CAPACITY&SIZE: Capacity of Glass teapot: 360 ml, size: 9 x 11.3cm; Capacity of Cup: 50 ml, size: 5.4 x 4.2cm; Tea canister: 220 ml, size: 8.4 x 8.8cm; Tea tray: 22 x 10cm. Please check the size & volume before order it.
  • MATERIAL: Made of good quality porcelain, lead free. Made in De Hua, China. De Hua has a long history of porcelain. It is delicate and beautifully carved .The World Handicraft Council awarded the title of "World Ceramic Capital" to Dehua County.
  • APPLICATIONS: Chinese/Japanese handmade ceramic teapot and cups set, which is suitable to have cup of tea with friends and family, also perfect gift for friends, families ,business partners and tea-lovers. Forbidden in microwave and oven.Dishwasher with gentle mode is available.

Tea Set Tea Set Chinese Tea setRu Kiln Tea Set, Household Ice-Cracked Glaze Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set

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  • Exquisite gift box packaging: size: length 55.5cm * width 36cm height 11.5cm only Ge Kiln tea set 17 sets with gift box
  • Teapot: The color is thick, delicate, lustrous and shiny like a coagulated tire, the ear end of the anti-scalding pot is suitable for the hand, and the bottom is smooth and flat
  • Sancai Gaiwan: The bowl-shaped lid button is comfortable to hold, the glaze color in the bowl is even and shiny, and the bottom is flat and does not hurt the tabletop
  • Tea distribution is not hot: the tea ceremony etiquette is always available, the water outlet of the eagle mouth is not easy to leak, the arc is smooth and beautiful, and the bottom is flat and does not hurt the table
  • Tea Leaker: The fine mesh filter effectively blocks the tea dregs, easy to clean and keep the table clean

Silver Flowers Blooming Rich Sterling Silver Tea Set Full Silver 999 Kung Fu Tea Set Pot Fuel Oil Filter Household Gift

£4,584.72  in stock
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  • After each use, gently dry the water with a soft, dry cloth. When the silver color turns black, use a silver cloth or a silver bar to wipe it. If it is not used for a long time, wrap it with a soft cloth or paper and prevent it from being stored in a cool place.
  • Before using the silver cup, pour 1/3 of the warm water not exceeding 60C, wash the cup and preheat it, shake it gently and pour it off (do not directly inject the boiling water into the cup, because the silver liner is very soft, instantly A large amount of boiling water will expand and contract, causing deformation of the inner tank).
  • If there are stains or discoloration during use, carefully polish with silver cloth or silver powder.If you do not use it for a long time, wipe it with a soft cloth or paper and keep it in a cool place. After pouring hot water, do not tighten the cover too tightly to prevent the silver liner from deforming due to excessive pressure.
  • After brewing coffee with tea, try to develop the habit of cleaning the silver cup. The discoloration of the silver liner surface during use is a normal oxidation phenomenon.But please don't worry, it will not affect your use, you can also use toothpaste or white vinegar for cleaning.
  • TIPS: please refer to the detailed size to choose your favourite. You deserve the teapot.

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