With chilly and flu season on the best way, it’s time to spice up our immune techniques with all of the vitamin C we will get. But wait—put down that orange! Instead, pour your self a cup of one among these improbable natural teas packed with virus-busting nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Rose Hips

rosehipsThe fruit of the rose plant, rose hips have lengthy been prized for medicinal and culinary makes use of (the Swedish have a conventional soup known as nyponsoppa made out of rose hips). They are excessive in antioxidants, include 110% of your each day worth of vitamin A, and are packed with 710% each day worth of vitamin C—that’s 50% greater than you’d get from an orange. Rose hips are finest if used contemporary, not dried, and are sometimes paired with hibiscus flowers for taste and much more good-for-you punch.

To make tea: Steep 1-2 tablespoons rose hips in boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey.


thymeCommonly considered a seasoning, thyme is definitely most helpful as drugs, with sturdy antioxidant properties due to thymol, a compound that offers thyme its aroma in addition to antiseptic powers. It additionally incorporates 267% each day worth of vitamin C in addition to 19.8% each day worth of iron. It may also help soothe coughs, relieve indigestion, and cut back fever, making it excellent if you happen to’re already feeling a bit underneath the climate.

To make tea: Steep 2 teaspoons of thyme in boiling water for 2-10 minutes (relying on how sturdy you prefer it). Strain and add honey.

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saffronAnother oft-used culinary herb, saffron is wealthy in minerals and incorporates 135% of your each day worth of vitamin C. The compounds discovered in saffron support in the maturation of white blood cells and speed up the degrees of enzymes that assist your physique observe down toxins — all nice information on your immune system.

To make tea: Place 3-Four strands of saffron right into a cup (a little bit goes a good distance) alongside with a small quantity of heat water. Allow to steep for about 10 minutes, then fill the cup with boiling water and add honey to taste.

White Pine

pine needlesPine needle tea was first utilized by indigenous peoples for its cleaning and medicinal properties and continues to be used to today by savvy of us. It is excessive in vitamin A, making it splendidly restorative for the pores and skin and eyes, and has as much as 5 occasions as a lot vitamin C as citrus fruits. White pine needles are sometimes cited as essentially the most nutrient-packed, however you should use nearly any form of pine that grows close to you (simply steer clear of yew, Norfolk Island Pine, and Ponderosa Pine as they’re toxic).

To make tea: Remove the brown sheaths on the base of the pine needles. Wash and chop. Boil 1 cup of water in a small saucepan. Turn off the warmth, add a handful of needles (round 1 tablespoon), and put the lid on. Allow to steep till pine needles sink to the underside, roughly 5-10 minutes. Strain right into a mug and add lemon or honey, to taste, if desired.

Note: All each day values are calculated based mostly on 100 grams and utilizing the Nutrition Calculator.

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