A lately revealed analysis examine reported that compounds in inexperienced tea may very well be used to enhance the picture high quality of MRI’s- making it simpler for docs to see and deal with most cancers cells.

Compounds from inexperienced tea may increase the standard of biomedical imaging. Green tea’s reputation has grown rapidly lately. Its followers can drink it, get pleasure from its taste of their ice cream and slather it on their pores and skin with lotions infused with it. Now, the tea may have a brand new, surprising position — to enhance the picture high quality of MRIs. Scientists have reported within the American Chemical Society journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces that they efficiently used compounds from inexperienced tea to assist picture most cancers tumors in mice.

Sanjay Mathur and colleagues observe that current analysis has revealed the potential usefulness of nanoparticles — iron oxide specifically — to make biomedical imaging higher. But the nanoparticles have their disadvantages. They are likely to cluster collectively simply and need assistance attending to their locations within the physique. To handle these points, researchers have lately tried attaching pure vitamins to the nanoparticles. Mathur’s crew wished to see if compounds from inexperienced tea, which analysis suggests has anticancer and anti inflammatory properties, may play this position.

Using a easy, one-step course of, the researchers coated iron-oxide nanoparticles with green-tea compounds referred to as catechins and administered them to mice with most cancers. MRIs demonstrated that the novel imaging brokers gathered in tumor cells and confirmed a powerful distinction from surrounding non-tumor cells. The researchers conclude that the catechin-coated nanoparticles are promising candidates to be used in MRIs and associated purposes.

This story was originally published by the American Chemical Society

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