Clipper Tea Organic Infusions 20 tea bags
Clipper Tea Organic Infusions 20 tea bags

About Clippers Tea

Clipper Teas are a tea firm founded in 1984 by Lorraine Brehme and Mike based in Beaminster, Dorset, England.

The firm actually started out selling locally on a little scale, but by 1996 had expanded into a national brand sold in supermarkets across the U.K.

Clippers targets on green tea, and sells a big range of green teas and flavoured green teas or blends in tea bags as well as loose teas.

Even though still-tea targeted, in 1999 the firm also started selling coffee, and in 2003, warm chocolate.

Clippers also sell a big range of herbal teas, which they call infusions to highlight the fact that does not have the tea plant Camellia Sinensis.

These herbal infusions contain both famous beverages teas as well as health teas.

The firm experimented with but discontinued a line of Ayurvedic health teas.

Clipper Organic Infusion raspberry

This leaf tea is a distinctive, refreshing and tasty blend of raspberry leaf and natural herbs improved with natural raspberry taste.

It is free from caffeine.

If pregnant, seek medical suggestion before drinking this product.

Raspberry leaf should be rejected by those in the early levels of pregnancy.

Different between green tea and infusions

Clipper green tea is characteristically clear and light.

With green tea, it is all about the standard of the leaves and the experience in the production process, which provides them with a distinct profile.

Clipper use trusted estate to purchase their green tea and generally use southern Indian leaves as this deliver the delicately subtle flavour.

While the name infusions refer to the process of infusing fruits or plants in warm water, but an infusion is not derived from the traditional tea plant.

Their fresh and big range of infusions are all organic and most are caffeine-free.

With a fruity taste to suit every palette, they are a tasty plant-powered way to improve a fit lifestyle.

Why buy Clipper Tea?

First, they take amazing pride in producing great tea, they also ensure that their items are ethically and organically source no issue where they come comes from.

The people at Clipper even pay focus to their packing, ensuring they use non-chemical items and they also support Fairtrade.

We personally love the fact that they use an unbleached tea bag.

Clippers products are made with real ingredients and a clear conscience.

We use only the top standard sources, and nothing fake and strive to better the welfare of the workers.

No wonder clipper flavours so best.

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