Katharine Burnett on the UC Davis Global Tea Initiative Colloquium (Photo by Dan Bolton)

Tea performs a heathy function in sustaining the human physique, thoughts, and spirit based on a formidable lineup of audio system taking part in a colloquium hosted by the University of California, Davis.

The day-long occasion on Jan. 24 offered “tea as a prescription for today’s society.” Segments addressed Tea, Health, and the Body; Tea, Health, and the Mind, and Tea, Health, and the Spirit. The occasion, now in its fourth yr, drew a crowd of 500 college students, residents, and tea professionals to the campus, situated close to Sacramento, Calif.

Several years in the past, Professor Katharine Burnett proposed that the college undertake a Global Tea Initiative (GTI) like its outreach in wine, beer, and specialty espresso. The colloquium is one facet. Burnett famous greater than 3,000 analysis papers show the myriad well being advantages of tea consuming.

University high quality analysis and large-scale demonstrations are reassuring, however as one of many key audio system noticed…  The incontrovertible fact that tea is amazingly good for you could be very, very previous information.

Wing-chi Ip

Wing-chi Ip (Photo by Dan Bolton)

Wing-chi Ip is a outstanding useful resource within the world of tea. A tea grasp, designer, artist, professional in Yixing pottery, founding father of the Hong Kong Tea Association, professor at Shuren University, and proprietor of a number of tea rooms, together with the well-known LockCha museum and tea middle in Hong Kong, Mr. Ip calls himself Mr. Leaf (the Chinese character for Ip is leaf).

Tea has been cultivated since Neolithic instances in China the place it was first used as a medication. Ip traced the Chinese characters describing drugs and meals to the identical origin. The origin of language is obscured by time, however the origin of particular person languages is topic to very exact examine. Tea is derived from collective phrases for “herbs that cure sickness,” he stated. Ip famous that Chinese drugs relies on the premise that “the best doctors cure before the sickness happens,” not after their sufferers turn into sick. This is why tea has such prominence.

Various medicines treatment completely different illnesses, however tea is the medication for every kind of illnesses, defined Ip. This is as a result of tea “is the most yin, of yins” because it lowers one’s hearth. “Fire (inflammation) is the origin of all diseases,” he defined. He then cited the 10 virtues of tea, first revealed by doctor Liu Zhenliang of the Tang dynasty (618-906 A.D.).

(Image courtesy of Dr. Yvonne Wan)

“Take tea to dispel melancholy, banish sleep, increase vitality, expel disease, initiate decorum and humanity, express respect, cultivate sophistication, nurture the body, harmonize with the Dao, and regulate desire,” wrote Zhenliang. Myōan Eisai’s “Treatise on Tea Drinking for Health” identifies tea as “the miraculous medicine for conserving life vitality; the magical way for getting longevity.” Eisai (1141-1215 A.D.) is the Japanese Buddhist priest credited with bringing inexperienced tea from China to Japan.

To maintain the physique on a regular basis requires a superb urge for food, Ip suggested.


Dr. Poo

Since “we are what we eat” a lot will be discovered from what passes by means of the physique, stated Professor Yvonne Wan, vice chair for analysis within the Department of Pathology at U.C. Davis. Wan is an professional on Gut Microbiota, Tea and Health. Her self-introduction drew a giant chortle – “just call me Dr. Poo.”

Yvonne Wan (Dr. Poo) (Photo by Dan Bolton)

We could look alike however nobody has the identical intestine. The microbiome inside our our bodies consists of trillions of micro-organisms that dictate many points of our well being. These microbiomes differ vastly from one particular person to the following, solely 10–20 p.c of the micro organism you’ve got in your intestine is shared with anybody else. Diet, way of life, weight, and even our moods can affect the intestine.

Dr. Wan’s research reveal the healthful affect of tea for individuals obese largely because of a western eating regimen heavy in fat and sugars. Her findings concerning liver well being and weight problems present a powerful foundation for tea consuming based on Wan. “Antibiotics eliminate liver inflammation in control diet-fed mice, but not in Wester diet-fed mice,” she stated.

“EGCG burns fat, reduces serum lipids, and improves insulin sensitivity in Western diet-fed mice,” she stated. Those who eat a lot of leaves and leafy greens additionally scale back difficulties with constipation and digestive irritation. Inflammation will be traced to diabetes II, arthritis, autoimmune illnesses, neurological illnesses, pulmonary illnesses, most cancers, cardiovascular illnesses, and Alzheimer’s. She cited a number of research pointing to the benefits of consuming pu’er, a darkish tea from southern china aged and typically compressed. It produces a broth wealthy in amino acids and different helpful compounds.

Individuals whose diets embrace a lot of plant-based meals have a way more numerous microbiome which can be why they take pleasure in higher well being.

Epigenetic Impact

Weronika Ek (Photo by Dan Bolton)

Researcher Weronica Ek with the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology at Uppsala University, in Sweden mentioned current findings on the distinctive and helpful results of consuming tea for ladies.

Epigenetic adjustments are those who alter gene expression. These adjustments will be handed down for generations. Drinking tea might actually be life altering.

“Lifestyle factors, such as food choices and exposure to chemicals, can alter DNA methylation and lead to changes in gene activity,” based on the study’s abstract.

These epigenetic adjustments, nevertheless, don’t alter the DNA sequence.

Researchers found each tea and espresso can affect illness threat in human beings by stifling tumor growth, decreasing irritation, and affecting estrogen metabolism.

Her work confirmed that tea causes epigenetic adjustments in girls, however not in males. The adjustments had been in genes associated to estrogen metabolism and most cancers. The examine, nevertheless, didn’t discover epigenetic adjustments in individuals who drank espresso.

In studies on well being advantages of diets, many different elements are often concerned, she cautioned. Tea drinkers, for instance, could also be extra health-conscious and they smoke lower than the final inhabitants. There is a necessity for bigger follow-up research, “however, previous studies confirm parts of our results,” she stated.

Eck confused the necessity for extra analysis however finds that epigenetic adjustments “are certainly intriguing and may provide some insight into how the compounds in tea influence health.”

Additional audio system included: Professor Elizabeth Spiller, Dean, College of Letters & Science;  Ping Chung Leung, Emeritus Professor, Institute of Chinese Medicine, Orthopedics & Traumatology, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Rebecca Corbett, Assistant University Librarian, Japanese Studies, University of Southern California; Justin Trout, co-founder and COO, Health-Ade Kombucha and Rona Tison, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and PR, Ito En. Ryo Iwamoto, a senior at Waseda University in Japan, founder and CEO of TeaRoom Inc., is a Japanese Tea Ambassador and Urasenke Tea House Specialist.

Learn extra: globaltea.ucdavis.edu



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