If you’ve been pregnant in the previous 5 years, chances are high a medical skilled informed you that by no means do you have to drink tea during your being pregnant. No chai, no mate, no rooibos… nothing. And worse, possibly you had been informed that from the first trimester on via the finish of nursing your new child, you’ll be able to’t have tea that total time!

Well, we expect it’s about time anyone set the report straight. Studies have proven (even research accomplished by the American Medical Association) that the majority tea is just not solely wonderful to drink whilst you’re pregnant, however some of it’s truly helpful to each child and momma. Read on for the skinny on what teas you need to and shouldn’t drink whereas pregnant, and what precisely they’ll do to your physique.

Doctor’s Orders: Tea during Pregnancy

A number of years in the past, information emerged saying that sure natural teas had been unhealthy information for pregnancies and will end in undesirable problems. As a response, docs nationwide started to steer mothers-to-be away from teas in all kind. The advice appears to have spiraled out of management.


Loose leaf tea“Women constantly come to me and say, ‘Why can’t I drink tea?’” mentioned Jane Peterson, licensed Wisconsin midwife. “I was surprised when the blanket recommendations started to come down that women shouldn’t drink tea in pregnancy. I think the positives in that is that they recognize that herbs are not benign substances, but they do have an effect on the body. But it is the lack of knowledge about which ones are beneficial and which ones are not that is missing. So instead of really making a more informed choice about being able to recommend some over others, they’ve made a blanket statement.”

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It’s comprehensible for some—as a substitute of worrying a few affected person ingesting one thing they shouldn’t and blaming the physician afterward, the medical career is selecting to guard itself by declaring all teas unsafe. That approach, any penalties to a poor beverage alternative are past the physician’s management.

tea bagsSo, as soon as these instructions got here down the medical pipeline, totally different tea firms capitalized on it, creating tea particularly for pregnant girls. It was truly a joint effort, in mindset a minimum of. Doctors don’t need to be blamed for not telling their sufferers to not drink one thing, and tea firms don’t need to be held accountable if a pregnant lady has an opposed response to their product.

“The reason [doctors and tea companies]make blanket statements like that is because of liability,” mentioned Ashley Shanti Shea, doula and holistic well being coach at yoginimomma.com. “That’s why on every single box of tea, unless it’s [specifically]pregnancy tea, it says ‘Do not take while pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor.’ It’s just a liability for the company. They don’t have to worry about getting sued if anything happens. Herbs are complicated. There’s some with a lot of contraindications but a lot of them are really beneficial for pregnancy.”

Peterson agrees.

“Many herbal teas have a lengthy history of being safe in pregnancy,” she mentioned. “Drinking herbal tea throughout pregnancy is something that can certainly be discussed in a way that is informative rather than this idea that there is some sort of blanket concern for all herbs in pregnancy.”

A Cuppa the Good Stuff

We’ll hand out the unhealthy information later—first, let’s take a look at what teas are wonderful for pregnant girls. The most important concern amongst medical professionals of all sorts, whether or not physician, midwife, and even herbalist, is that no matter the momma drinks will move via into the fetus. Caffeine tends to cross that barrier, and that’s a scientific truth, which is why caffeine consumption during being pregnant is pretty regulated.

“The real concern is the caffeine because the caffeine crosses the placenta, and anytime you’re constricting blood vessels in pregnancy as caffeine does, you’re reducing oxygen to the baby,” Shanti Shea mentioned. “It can also make you stressed out to drink a lot of caffeine when you’re pregnant. It’s also not good if you have high blood pressure or borderline high blood pressure because it can raise your blood pressure even further and you don’t want that when you’re pregnant. It can cause complications.”

But not all the things that would move to a baby is dangerous.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle

“Nettle tea is really good,” Shanti Shea mentioned. “It has absorb-able magnesium, calcium, and iron. Dandelion is good also, but it’s really bitter so it’s best to have in a blend. It helps you with fluid retention if you’re retaining water and you’re really puffy when you’re pregnant. Ginger tea is great because it helps with nausea, morning sickness, and indigestion. Drinking tea is also a great way just to stay hydrated.”

Valerian by Joy Saphine

Valerian by Joy Saphine

Peterson agrees and means that even having a cup of delicate Valerian sizzling tea earlier than going to mattress may also help a pregnant lady or new mom get to sleep with none regarding negative effects. Just don’t go overboard. It could also be frequent sense to you to not overindulge, however not everybody thinks about it.

“I’m a big believer in small amounts,” Peterson mentioned. “I don’t want you to drink five quarts of this one tea a day, and there are people you really have to say this to.”

Red Raspberry


“The most important tea to drink is red raspberry leaf tea,” Shanti Shea mentioned. “Red raspberry leaf is a uterine toner and it helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage. It tones your uterus so it’s really strong for labor and for getting back down to its normal size afterwards.” It’s a longstanding help and remedy in Chinese drugs, and all through the midwifery world as effectively.

During her being pregnant, Shanti Shea would brew enormous pitchers of purple raspberry leaf tea and a few blends, combine it with honey, and stick it in the fridge so she’d at all times have one thing to drink that was good for her and the child. She famous that ingesting a ton of water if you’re pregnant could make you’re feeling sick, so tea is of course a better option for staying hydrated.

Hands Off!

Now for the unhealthy information—though it’s sort of couched with one thing good. There are particular teas that you simply shouldn’t drink whilst you’re pregnant. But the good half is that these teas should not issues which might be available.

“There are herbs that are harmful, things that certainly should not be consumed in the first trimester,” Peterson mentioned. “But most of them are very bitter and no one would drink them for pleasure. Pansy and rue, large amounts of goldenseal, those are not good things to be taking in the first trimester. They’re actually considered abortive agents. They can potentially harm a pregnancy.”

Shanti Shea added St. John’s Wort, ginseng, licorice, dong quai, and yarrow to the checklist. Licorice specifically, she mentioned, has a hormonal impact and can enhance estrogen ranges. Which you clearly don’t need during being pregnant since, effectively, your estrogen is already in all probability sky excessive.

The most important factor to recollect, although, is to at all times verify along with your physician or midwife. If you’re involved or have a query about one thing in your tea, give them a name. And don’t underestimate your individual data of your physique—girls generally tend to know what’s finest for themselves.

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