As Chinese New Year approaches, we’re taking a better have a look at the thrilling celebrations and the position China has on the world’s tea. While Art of Tea doesn’t function China’s majestic cities or cities within the Location Collection,  you will discover numerous Chinese teas at Art of Tea.


Tea originated in China and the panorama of China remains to be blooming with tea right this moment. Chinese tea vegetation are notably wild, rising like vines in fields and in mountainous areas. This sprawl is considerably distinctive to China, a rustic with quite a bit of area to spare. Other nations, like Japan, take a extra measured strategy to tea rising – shaping tea vegetation exactly for straightforward harvesting. Here are some of our favourite varieties of Chinese teas. 

Green Teas

The two main gamers within the world’s Green Tea manufacturing are China and Japan. While all inexperienced teas are categorically the identical, there’s a huge difference between some Chinese green teas and some Japanese green teas. 

Chinese inexperienced teas are more-often-than-not pan-fried or baked, whereas Japanese inexperienced teas are sometimes steamed. You can taste some of the highly effective roasty flavors from pan-frying in Gunpowder. Jasmine-scented inexperienced teas from Art of Tea are additionally produced in China. These leaves are plucked and left beneath a mesh display screen of night-blooming jasmine flowers to infuse the scrumptious scent of this aromatic flower. 


Like Camellia sinensis, Oolongs originated in China. The phrase “oolong” interprets to “black dragon.” This title won’t make sense if you happen to’re used to seeing oolong leaves rolled into pearls, however is totally comprehensible if you happen to have a look at an unrolled oolong, like Wuyi Oolong. The form of this tea go away is wavy, like a dragon’s physique. 

Oolong tea is semi-oxidized, that means the leaves are barely agitated to permit air to achieve the leaves – very similar to biting into an apple oxidizes the uncovered piece of apple. Some oolong teas, like Iron Goddess of Mercy, are wealthy not simply in taste, however in historical past.

Black Tea

While an oolong tea is just slightly-oxidized, a black tea is 100% oxidized. Even being 1% off classifies a tea as an oolong, as evident in our 99% Oxidized Purple Oolong. Black teas are probably the most outstanding of the tea sorts. They’re most definitely what you’re ingesting with breakfast, what’s in your glass of iced tea, and what’s forming the bottom of some of your favourite blends. Notably beautiful Chinese black teas embrace Golden Monkey, a pale yellow tea with subtly candy pistachio and molasses notes.

Of course, you will discover Chinese teas from all tea sorts at Art of Tea. From Pu-erh to White Teas, Chinese tea vegetation can create fantastic variations of all the key tea sorts. China didn’t simply introduce the world to tea. It’s saved its curiosity.


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