Many tea blends in right now’s market determine themselves as “Lotus” teas, when the truth is they’re inexperienced and white teas of the Camellia sinensis selection. Art of Tea’s “Lotus Flower” is the precise flower, picked at its peak, intact, good, as the idea of a refreshing cup.

Green and white teas could also be infused with Lotus essence by stuffing a Lotus flower with tea leaves and leaving them in a single day, or by baking Lotus flowers with Camellia sinensis to infuse them with the floral scent. I desire the purity of simply this immaculate flower by itself.

In conserving with the idea of pure enlightenment, the first advantage related to the Lotus blossom throughout centuries of Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahá’i and Confucian studying and observe, this elegantly easy providing comprises no different components, and is of course caffeine-free. No extra perfumes or flavorings are added, as a result of they aren’t wanted.

The dried blossom is a factor of magnificence, ranging in coloration from purple, pink or purple by a variety of yellow and white tones, relying upon the choosing season. For a vivid yellow infusion with an equally vivid taste, steep for two-three minutes. The dried flower is potent sufficient to be re-steeped 4 to 5 occasions for a satisfying replay.

The Lotus blooms in sacred iconography from India to the Nile delta, throughout China, Japan, Vietnam, and different cultural stops the place Buddha, Ganesha, Shiva and others are revered.

One of essentially the most archetypal ideas related to the Lotus is its high quality of transformation, arising from mucky, muddy depths to supply a pristine, unstained blossom to the rays of the solar. For this cause, the Crown Chakra, the state of final enlightenment, is usually depicted as an unfolding Lotus of a thousand petals.

In some areas of Buddhist thought, the Lotus can be contemplated as a logo of detachment, the method which is vital to releasing one’s self from struggling, and which additionally facilitates this launch in others. This meditation is usually depicted in the best way that rain collects within the upraised petals of the open Lotus. The petals acquire solely as a lot weight as they’ll bear, with out breaking the stem. When the petals are full of rain, they gently tip and launch their burden to the pond, with out resistance, remorse, or attachment.

Today, water-lilies or Lotus crops are a well-liked aquaculture plant, adaptable to even essentially the most city settings. Hundreds of types, many aromatic and evening-blooming, could also be grown in a small tub—I favor handled rain-barrels—which might match on a small terrace or patio. Even within the midst of town, the radiant blossoms of the Lotus will appeal to dragonflies, giant moths, bees and different outstanding creatures.

The Lotus blossom is a regal and soothing companion, whether or not steeped as a pristine botanical brew, or nurtured as a residing plant.


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