With the massive number of teas obtainable right this moment, it’s shocking to some that each one tea is really comprised of the identical evergreen shrub- Camellia Sinesis. The variations between the 5 main types- black, oolong, white, inexperienced and pu-ehr is in the best way the leaves are processed.

The majority of tea the world drinks is black tea. In black tea manufacturing, step one after harvesting the tea leaves is withering or drying. This is usually finished on racks. The withering course of permits for oxidation of the various compounds present in tea. Some of this is as a consequence of bacterial motion, some is as a result of launch of enzymes current contained in the tea leaves. Oolong tea is generally known as partially fermented tea; it undergoes a shorter withering interval than black tea.

Green tea nevertheless is unwilted and unoxidized. It undergoes no withering interval, however is as an alternative instantly steamed, at temperatures over 160 levels F. This serves to inactivate native enzymes and kill micro organism; thus, no fermentation happens. While inexperienced tea lacks the fermentation merchandise that give black tea a richer taste, it does include a a lot increased quantity of polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds which might be coming beneath rising medical research; they’re thought to account for a lot of the useful properties which might be ascribed to inexperienced tea consumption. The tea leaves are rolled and repeatedly fired, till they’re crisp. The tea stays inexperienced in colour and is full of beneath 3% residual moisture. The low moisture content material is important to stop spoilage or fermentation of the completed product.

While over 50 nations develop no less than some tea, the majority of the world’s tea is imported from China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Most inexperienced tea comes from China or Japan. Although inexperienced tea accounted for less than 15% of the tea bought within the United States in 2012, its share is rising steadily.

Two of the commonest types of Chinese inexperienced tea are China Gunpowder and Young Hyson. They are each comprised of the identical tea leaves, however whereas Young Hyson is shaped into twisted leaf, China Gunpowder is rolled into tiny balls. Two of the most well-liked Japanese inexperienced teas are Gyokura, which is shaded over the past weeks of its rising interval to extend chlorophyll manufacturing and Sencha, which is uncovered to direct daylight.

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