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Chinese identify: 茉莉龙珠绿茶 (mo li lengthy zhu lu cha)

Other names: Jasmine Pearls, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

Origin: Fujian, China

Type: Scented inexperienced tea

Steeping Tips: Use 1 tablespoon of leaf per eight ouncesof water and steep in 180 diploma Fahrenheit water for 3-Four minutes. Steep no less than Three occasions.

Teaware: Glass teapot, so to see the pearls open within the water.

Taste: Sweet, spherical and heady with jasmine aroma. The base notes of inexperienced tea come via to make a superbly balanced entire.

Try: Rishi Tea and The Republic of Tea who’ve each received awards on the North American Tea Championships for his or her jasmine dragon pearl teas.

What is Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea?

The tea mountains of Northern Fujian are dwelling to the da bai (massive white) cultivar of tea bush. This produces mushy, downy buds which are picked in early spring to make inexperienced tea and are then hand-rolled into “pearls.”

The tea is saved in chilly storage till July when jasmine flowers bloom. Fresh blossoms are picked at evening when they’re totally open and aromatic. They are then positioned on the tea and combined for 12 hours to infuse the pearls with their scent. Fresh flowers are picked to repeat the suffusion course of as much as ten occasions.


Jasmine originates from Iran, however it’s believed that the flower was purchased to China alongside the Silk Road in the course of the Tang Dynasty, greater than 1700 years in the past. The historical past of scenting tea with jasmine is believed to have began in the course of the South-Song Dynasty (c. 1240) and by the Ming Dynasty (c. 1368) the strategy of scenting tea had been recorded in books, displaying its recognition.

The Legend

If Chinese mythology is to be believed, an actual dragon performed a component in creating this tea.

One winter a younger boy in a village close to Fuzhou, Fujian province obtained severely sick and no therapy appeared to assist him. His sister heard a few mystical dragon that might assist individuals in want, and within the depths of desperation, she determined to seek out the dragon to ask for support.

She trekked via the mountains till she reached a cave that was surrounded by aromatic jasmine bushes. Within the cave she discovered the paranormal dragon and begged him for assist. In response the dragon soared into the sky the place a stupendous pearl grew on his chest. From this pearl a tiny drop of water emerged and fell to the bottom the place a tree bush sprouted instantaneously.

The woman stood in disbelief while the dragon advised her to handle the bush as it will save her brother’s life. It rained frequently however the woman taken care of the bush and by no means left its facet. Small leaves started to develop on the bush and the woman picked them and dried them subsequent to the jasmine flowers. She then rolled the leaves to make pearls, just like the one which hung across the neck of a dragon. Returning dwelling, she brewed tea from these leaves and their home was stuffed with the aroma of jasmine. Having tasted the miraculous drink, her brother rapidly recovered, and jasmine pearls have been made ever since.


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