Milk Tea is Enjoyed by People all Over the World, with some Very Strange and Delightful  Variations

Bubble Tea (Taiwan)

Also known as “Pearl Milk Tea” or Boba Milk Tea”, Bubble Tea has tons of of variations. Most have a tea base to which fruit or milk and chewy tapioca balls are added, however another variations omit the  tea. The mix is shaken, making a frothy combine and served chilly. The pastel colours of the fruit flavorings and coloured tapioca balls makes a fascinating deal with.1799571516_96e7867a21_b

Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea

Nicknamed “Silk Stocking Milk Tea”, this milk tea is normally made from black tea leaves filtered with a sackcloth bag after which mixed with condensed or evaporated milk. The tea is typically boiled a number of occasions to accentuate the flavour. Quality is judged by the smoothness and froth of the tea.

Teh Tarik (Singapore & Malaysia)

A scorching milk tea generally served in Malaysia and Singapore. The title comes from the pouring course of used throughout preparation. The mix of black tea and condensed or evaporated milk is poured backwards and forwards repeatedly between two vessels from a top, producing a frothy prime and loads of leisure for onlookers. Brewers even showcase their expertise in competitions, the place they drag an extended stream of tea above the heads of patrons.


Suutei Tsai (Mongolia)

A standard Mongolian Milk Tea, made with water, milk, black or inexperienced tea and salt. Suutei Tsai is likely one of the commonest drinks in Mongolia, however many westerners dislike the salty taste.14714895396_0ffaa0dede_b

British-Style Tea

In the British Isles, tea is usually served with milk, however the heated debate over milk-first or milk-after has not but been settled.


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