Why-you-suh…let’s say that collectively…Why-You-Suh. Guayusa or Ilex guayusa is one of three caffeinated holly bushes identified in the world. The different two are its extra fashionable cousin, Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) and Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria). The evergreen, holly-leafed tree originates and nearly solely grows in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. But they will also be present in Peru and Colombia. Guayusa is harvested from bushes that develop underneath shaded canopies. These bushes can develop as much as almost 100 toes and stay to be over 100 years previous.

Although guayusa just isn’t associated to the Camellia Sinesis plant, the evergreen shrub that produces tea, guayusa leaves are equally picked, dried and brewed for ingesting. Over the years, guayusa was used as an power elevate as a result of along with its caffeine content material, it accommodates stimulants corresponding to methyl xanthine alkaloids, theophyline, and theobromine.

Guayusa travels again to a historical past of cultural heritage by indigenous tribes in Ecuador. The Jivaro neighborhood nicknamed guayusa, “Night Watchman” as a result of they believed it retains you awake. Even whereas asleep, you might be conscious of your environment. Everyday the Jivaro awakened early in the morning to boil a pot of guayusa leaves, which they drank whereas telling tales. This custom strengthened their kinship with one another and cultivated their relationships. The Jivaro additionally believed guayusa prompted hypnotic results that induced lucid desires, which foretold the successfulness of looking expeditions.

A outstanding delusion illustrates how the Kichwa folks chewed on the guayusa leaves to be energized and strengthened, so they might cease being lazy and drained. Ages in the past, the Amazon rainforests had been over-populated with native tribes. People had been all the time drained and unproductive. One day, a person traveled into the forest and fell asleep subsequent to a tree. Legends say the guayusa tree spoke to him, telling him to eat the leaves. The man listened to the tree, and instantly, he was full of power, robust and rejuvenated. This expertise was handed down all through the tribe, and finally this started a practice of chewing and later ingesting guayusa for power and power.

I had my first cup of guayusa a couple of days in the past. The beautGuayusa_thumb[3]iful honey hue it created smelled of vibrant earthy tones. It was like a freshly lower garden on a spring morning after a night of rain. I might taste the “awakening” nearly instantly. The daring caffeine-content was delicate, nearly comforting on my palate. It provided wealthy layers that soothed my throat and shortly my complete physique.

In addition to AHappy Tea_thumb[2]rt of Tea’s guayusa, strive one of their latest blends additionally containing guayusa referred to as Happy Tea. This natural licensed tea combines guayusa, strawberries, inexperienced rooibos, apple bits, Jasmine inexperienced tea, hibiscus, rosehips and pure flavors to awaken you. Enjoy the easy but gentle taste of the guayusa gently paired with the perfume of sweetness.


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