OUNONA Tea Strainer Tea Filter
OUNONA Tea Strainer Tea Filter

Are you an elegant tea drinker? What’s your trouble with drinking tea?

As we know, everyone prefers loose tea to bagged tea because it is usually fresher.

You may try many different types of infusers, but they all tend to let a few bits fall into your tea that makes it less than amazing.

Features OUNONA Tea Infuser

Be careful, OUNONA Tea Infuser helps you enjoy the complete tea experience now! This tea infuser is awesome and solves all the problem you get before!

This set comes with two, you can’t get any better than that!

A Twist Lock Mechanism. The top three locks lock the arms of lid and infuser tightly with a quick twist.

No tiny piece of tea floating out of it which is amazing. Very easy and nice to lock and unlock, you will absolutely love it.

Extra-Fine Mesh

Say good-bye to debris in your tea! The ultrafine mesh ensures particle-free steeping, advanced filtration.

OUNONA Tea Strainer Tea Filter
OUNONA Tea Strainer Tea Filter

The fine mesh allowing for finer tea does not fall apart and stay pretty even when leaving tea in it overnight. No extra filters or tea bags are needed.

A Bonus Spoon & Well Constructed

The little bonus spoon is very handy for unmeasured blends and it is so cute.

A wide mouth makes it easier to pour loose tea into the infuser and pour hot water over the leaves.

As well, it is large enough to put a goodly quantity of tea into it, yet leaving some room for it to expand. Perfect size and well constructed allow it fits in normal-sized tea or coffee cups.

Nice Trays & Features Chain

You will love the little trays sit the infuser on after steeping your tea, it keeps the infuser neatly off to the side until second steeping needed.

You do not need to clean up a separate pot or risk spilling, useful and convenient.

The top chain is plenty long enough to suspend the infuser in the pitcher or big mugs, the end of the chain has a clip will sit on the rim of your mug, making it easy to remove with not hot your hand.

OUNONA Tea Strainer Tea Filter
OUNONA Tea Strainer Tea Filter

Rust Resistant and longevity

The whole infuser set is made of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel, ensures tea balls safe to use, durable and resistant to rust.

A completely lead & chemical free tea steeper.

What Can You Achieve with OUNONA Tea Infuser?

– Nice gift! Look classy and sleek design. Well made and built to Last.
– To be the most sophisticated, elegant tea drinkers.
– No more tea grit in your cup! They keep the tea leaves from getting out totally, even the finest blend of tea has little to no debris when using these infusers.
– OUNONA Tea Infuser makes it so easy to do the perfect tea every time with just three simple steps! Measure the tea, water steep, remove the infuser.

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