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The typical American teahouse doesn’t have an automatic tea brewer, just because there are only a few commercial-grade machines available on the market. Instead, teas are normally hand-brewed—usually a number of directly—which is time consuming and typically imprecise.

To modernize tea brewing, create consistency and make tea store workers’ jobs simpler, Alpha Dominche, a design and know-how agency in Brooklyn, New York, presents up the modern, sleek-looking Steampunk tea brewer. What makes the Steampunk distinctive, says Alpha Dominche CEO Thomas Perez, is it provides operators full management of the brewing course of and the power to replicate recipes. Settings for quantity of water, water temperature, brewing time and variety of occasions a tea is steeped can all be saved—and saved to the cloud to allow them to be shared amongst teahouses.

“If your tea shop has 50 different teas, you basically dial in a recipe for each one,” Perez says. “Then when a customer asks for a certain tea, just pick that recipe and the Steampunk will always brew it perfectly.”

Alpha Dominche’s preliminary impetus for designing the Steampunk was truly to automate the espresso brewing course of and minimize down on the work required of baristas. “When we launched the machine [in 2013] and the whole tea world saw it, everyone said, ‘wow, this is exactly what we’ve been waiting for,’” Perez says. “Then it became a tea machine as well. Today we sell more Steampunks to tea shops and to coffee shops that want to have a good tea program than we sell to businesses using them only for coffee.”

Photo courtesy of Alpha Dominche

As its identify suggests, steam is the Steampunk’s major catalyst in a multistep brewing process. During step one, water is added to a cylindrical glass chamber and heated with steam. Next, the filter piston is inserted into the highest part of the chamber and tea is added. Full tea leaf emersion happens together with full leaf saturation. Then steam agitations are used to speed up extraction and a steam-created vacuum is utilized, forcing brewed tea via the filter and into the decrease part of the chamber.

Perez says the machine’s glossy aesthetics additionally make it a standout. “It’s the minimalist design and the great visual connection you have with the tea brewing,” he says. “You see the whole brewing process firsthand.”

Perez believes the Steampunk will revolutionize industrial tea brewing. “Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world, but in a hospitality setting, it has been standing in the shadow of coffee for many years—I think that is finally changing,” he says. The Steampunk has already grow to be fashionable in Asia, particularly in China and Taiwan. “Many customers basically build their whole teahouse or coffee shop around the Steampunk,” Perez provides. “It is almost like a centerpiece.” Additional prospects embrace Marriott and a few accommodations within the Middle East.

Now, this useful machine is poised to tackle America.

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