Tea terminology may be thoughts-bogglingly complicated. Which is why we carry you Tea A-Z, a information to deciphering each widespread and fully bewildering ideas from the world of tea. Let’s dive in!


japanese teahouseWe start our journey into the letter J with tea producer and client, Japan.  Known for its teahouses, ceremonies and inexperienced tea, tea has been an integral a part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years.

Japan’s journey into tea was believed to start within the 9th century when Buddhist monks from China introduced this delicate beverage over. At first restricted to royalty, tea consumption rapidly prolonged all through the lots. Today, inexperienced tea is a daily a part of the Japanese weight loss plan, with nearly all of Japanese tea manufacturing being consumed at residence.

Although tea is now grown all through most of Japan, the three key areas stay Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Mie. Japan is finest recognized for his or her inexperienced tea and matcha. Bancha, the preferred selection inside Japan, and Sencha grew to become more and more widespread within the West.  Bancha is the fundamental Japanese inexperienced tea, harvested later within the season, and produces a coarser, roasted inexperienced. Sencha inexperienced tea is created by steaming the leaves earlier than drying after which firing them.

How Green Tea is Grown in Japan
Types of Japanese Green Tea


jasmine flowers
Have you ever questioned how jasmine and tea grew to become one? Well the journey all started in China when the aromatic plant as launched in 200 AD. However it wasn’t till the fifth century that jasmine was first used to scent tea.

The infusion of jasmine is much from a easy process. The flowers are picked early within the morning whereas the petals are nonetheless closed. One methodology to create the tea is layering jasmine and inexperienced tea, till the tea is absolutely immersed within the scents and flavors of Jasmine. This course of can take hours with the layering course of repeated a number of instances till the precise scent and taste are achieved.

Wikipedia: Jasmine Tea
What is Jasmine Tea


Jat image
Do you need to sound like a tea producer? Use the phrase Jat to explain the origin of the tea. For instance China Jat or India Jat would imply tea from China or tea from India.  Jat principally implies that the tea is produced from seeds or cuttings from that area.

Varieties, Cultivars, Clones–oh, my!

Juniper Berry

juniper berries
Suffering from irritation or bloating? Try brewing up a cup of juniper berry tea. Used as a typical therapeutic remedy by Native Americans, juniper berries have been recognized to assist a number of illnesses together with gout, congestion, urinary tract infections and arthritis. The fruit from the juniper tree, these berries may be discovered both in bulk or in tea bag type.

Juniper Tea

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