There are tea nerds, after which there are Tea Nerds. The of us that get into the main points of the leaf after which go deeper into the science of tea. The new e book Tea: A Nerd’s Eye View by Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace brings collectively data for Tea Nerds of each sort. Everything from tea chemistry and plant biology, to how our senses understand the flavors in tea. Below is a bit bit in regards to the e book, and what I assumed whereas studying it.

Who Is The Book Really For?
This e book is for anybody curious in regards to the science behind tea, from leaf to cup. It could appear formidable to open this e book and see so many chemical diagrams and charts, however Virginia does an awesome job of taking her wealth of data and break it down for readers to grasp. This is a e book for anybody desirous about getting deeper into tea. And it is fulfilling to learn!

Flavor And Perception- Personal and Botanical
Flavor is after all key to having fun with tea. As tea drinkers we discuss endlessly about taste and aroma, what we like and do not like. The e book goes into depth on flavor- how we as people understand it, and the way it’s created each throughout the vegetation and thru processing. Virginia touches on how taste notion is tremendous private, and genetics performs an enormous position.

I’ll understand one thing as bitter however fulfilling, however another person could discover it repulsive. I’ll discover one thing as candy, however another person could discover it pungent. I really like how she discusses the notion of flavors, and the way our private reminiscence and data will change how we taste a tea.

The e book additionally focuses on how flavors in tea are manipulated from the grower but additionally the tea brewer. When we brew at residence, our parameters have an impact on the flavour we taste within the cup. This is all fairly logical, however not one thing I usually sit and deeply take into consideration. Virginia will get into the science behind all of this, and she or he retains simple to comply with.

Plant Biology
The e book actually will get right down to the tea leaf on the mobile degree. The plant biology is fascinating and despite the fact that I did not perceive each idea, I gained an understanding of how the plant’s survival influences the event of flavors.

Virginia examines the completely different taste compounds in tea vegetation, and the way they current in a different way in every kind of tea. She discusses fundamental chemistry properties in tea leaves, and I believe it actually helps in understanding the flavors we taste in our tea.

Caffeine content material in tea is such a misunderstood factor and I’m glad Virginia covers each the way it’s produced, and the way it could change throughout processing. And if anybody tells you delicate inexperienced and white teas have much less caffeine than different teas, simply inform them this:

Caffeine is a poison for a lot of bugs that will in any other case devour tea leaves. The youthful extra tender leaves are simpler for herbivores and bugs to assault, so youthful leaves produce a larger amount of caffeine. Older leaves are stiff and onerous, thanks specifically to their larger content material of woody compounds comparable to lignin. They are a lot much less inviting to bugs so they do not want as a lot caffeine to defend themselves.

Processing And Brewing
The e book goes by the chemistry concerned in every step of tea processing, and the way it modifications the flavors and aroma. It then examines how the brewing course of modifications the flavors as nicely. Virginia says that out of all of the methods to brew tea, there’s actually just one essential factor it is advisable to have…

What is fascinating to me now’s what number of acceptable methods there are to brew tea, and the way few true imperatives there are- in actual fact there’s actually just one absolute crucial: you need to use good water. Or modify your method if in case you have poor water.

Traditional brewing methods are mentioned comparable to tea ceremonies across the world, and the way every little thing from the vessel, to the cup form, to the brewing parameters will change the flavors within the tea ready. She additionally writes about water temperature at size (for each cold and warm brews) and even touches on the tea serving temperature.

I believe Tea: A Nerd’s Eye View is an enchanting learn for the tea lover seeking to study extra in regards to the science of the leaf. This e book does get fairly scientific with every little thing lined, however it’s all very digestible. And, in the event you’re probably not within the nitty gritty of the science, it is easy to skip paragraphs and bounce across the chapters. It’s an awesome e book to have on hand as a reference, and for studying extra about taste and chemistry.


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