From Assam to Yin Zhen, Tea A-Z is your information to tea terminology and the language of tea

Tea terminology could be mind-bogglingly advanced. Which is why we’re bringing you Tea A-Z, a information to deciphering each frequent and utterly bewildering ideas from the world of tea. Let’s dive in!  

Neat:   A Term used to explain tea that’s effectively made each in measurement and make.

Needle:  Dried Tealeaves which might be rolled into the type of a needle.

Nilgiri: A area within the south of India recognized for its fragrant, aromatic tea. The tea thrives amongst the forests of jungles of the Nilgiri Mountains (Blue Mountain) with elevations starting from 1000 to 8000 ft. The majority of the tea produced on this area is CTC (crush, tear curl), though orthodox manufacturing is slowly increasing.

Note: A phrase to explain the kind of taste(s) that comes from the tea.

Nose:  A time period used to explain the aroma of a brewed tea.

Nutty: For a calorie free wealthy taste, brew a tea with a nutty word.  These teas carry an overtone of nut flavors to the palate.

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