Pu-erh tea is the final frontier for a lot of tea drinkers. Its lengthy, storied historical past and strange taste could make it very intimidating. Getting to know the fundamentals will assist clear issues up a bit.

For starters, pu-erh tea can solely be discovered within the Yunnan Province of China. This area is understood for its unbelievable biodiversity in addition to the 25 ethnic minority tribes that decision it residence. The tea timber listed here are a bigger leafed selection and might develop to over 60 toes tall.


Pu-erh is made in each compressed and unfastened leaf types. Compressed shapes can range from massive bricks and desserts to chew sized buttons. The flat form of desserts made them simpler to move. At one time limit, pu-erh was used as a type of forex. A commerce route known as the Ancient Tea Horse Road was used to move desserts of tea to Tibet with a view to commerce with the nomads for horses.

Pu-erh Cake

Loose Leaf Pu-erh

Tuocha Pu-erh



There are two types of pu-erh tea, Sheng and Shu. Sheng is known as uncooked pu-erh as a result of it has an earthy, vegetal taste that’s nearer to inexperienced tea. The leaves are allowed to retain their pure enzymes permitting to them to age over time. Shu is commonly known as cooked pu-erh due to its darkish colour. It has a really earthy taste usually described as tasting like a forest flooring. It’s created utilizing a rigorously managed microbial fermentation course of.


Eastern Brewing

It’s a typical follow to do a fast rinse of pu-erh leaves earlier than ingesting. This removes impurities and permits the leaves to open extra simply. Pu-erh tea actually shines when brewed in a concentrated approach so gaiwans and smaller teapots like yixing are the way in which to go. Boiling water and progressively longer steep occasions, beginning round 15 seconds, are normally beneficial. Pu-erh can yield upwards of 10 infusions when brewed this manner.

Western Brewing

Western BrewingThe brewing parameters for pu-erh are similar to black tea when brewing in a western vogue. Infuser baskets, tea pots or gravity steepers will all get the job performed. Steeping three to five minutes with boiling water will work properly for many teas. Raw pu-erh can grow to be very astringent when brewed for too lengthy so that you’ll need to watch out to not overdo it. Cooked pu-erh is a bit totally different in that it hardly ever will get bitter when brewed this manner.


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