“Perfection is everywhere if we only choose to recognise it.”
― Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea

A easy cup of tea homes inside it a world of complexity. Tea varieties are numerous and sumptuous, every offering a personal sensory oasis of taste to ponder and discover. Whether your palate prefers the fullness of oxidized black tea or the sunshine physique of a white, tea time is a second to savor the magnitude of delicate particulars. First flush teas are prized for his or her delicate physique and candy, floral notes. But, what precisely differentiates the flushes, and why is the primary one so coveted?

Flushes are harvest seasons. The temperature and rainfall throughout every interval impacts the structure of the leaves. Camellia sinensis, the plant accountable for all of our beloved steeps, is an evergreen perennial. Evergreens retain their inexperienced foliage yr spherical, however react to every season otherwise. Tea vegetation have a productive lifespan of 30 – 50 years, although vegetation as previous as 120 have been reported. Each yr there’s a interval of dormancy in winter time, as temperatures start to drop. Spring time brings recent foliage, and this new development is the “first” flush of the yr!

The picture of “two leaves and a bud” is called a “tippy” tea. These tender child leaves are picked earlier than they’ll start to mature. They have lighter taste and include greater ranges of caffeine. Tippy teas are probably the most celebrated! Of these, Darjeeling and Assam varietals from India are significantly wanted, sometimes called “The Champagne of Teas.”

Teas from India are strictly labelled underneath a grading system to determine high quality. They are sorted for leaf measurement, age, and wholeness. “Orange Pekoe” doesn’t include orange in any respect! An orange pekoe tea is a medium-grade black tea, or what we’d think about an ordinary tea. The extra letters on the acronym, the upper the standard and care of the tea leaf. A STGFOP is the very best grade, consisting of solely the best, hand-picked leaves. This lengthy acronym stands for Special Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.

A first flush STGFOP Darjeeling will seem a lot lighter than a conventional black tea. Tea firms generally tend to record Darjeeling teas underneath the black tea class. Yet, the leaves are uniquely processed with various oxidation ranges. One batch can include leaves oxidized anyplace from 30% to the 100% typical of a black tea. Due to this variation, these teas are greatest brewed between 175°F and 185°F for 2 minutes. The tippy buds might be delicate, and oversteeping or burning the leaves will launch tannins that impart a bitterness to the brew.

Adding sweetener or milk shouldn’t be advisable for first flush teas. Taking into consideration the mellow nature of the flavors, it’s best loved unadulterated.

The nuanced flavors of first flush teas like Capital Teas’ Glenburn Reserve supply an exploratory mission of the taste buds. Each sip imparts a clean, buttery mouthfeel. When steeped correctly, a slight, sharp astringency offers a delicate distinction to the total, creamy physique. Braided inside these tones, floral flavors emerge. The ensuing experiences is layered and complex. It should be this brightness that earned Darjeeling its nickname.

First flush teas are an actual deal with! As the climate warms, the vegetation start to blossom and delicate floral tones emerge. The numerous nature of a cup of Darjeeling can please any palate, whether or not your desire is for darkish breakfast teas, or mild greens. The artisans who craft these teas work with nature to supply advanced varietals with distinctive attributes. In celebration of spring, why not toast with the champagne of teas?

Paloma is a well being and wellness author. A tea nerd and authorized yoga teacher with a hippie coronary heart and an analytical thoughts, she seeks to uncover the logic behind the nice feels. Having labored quite a lot of jobs within the tea and yoga industries for over 7 years, she’s picked up a little bit little bit of wholesome data alongside the best way. She likes to share it and unfold the nice phrase!

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