English Breakfast Tea, no milk or sugar for me

Chances are you’ve got had English Breakfast tea earlier than. Its a staple in lots of eating places and sometimes the one black tea selection on the menu. But have you ever ever questioned why it is known as English Breakfast tea? Is it as a result of it got here from England?

Tea did not turn out to be a breakfast beverage till someday within the mid eighteenth century. Up till this level tea was an expensive beverage, reserved for afternoon tea affairs. But when costs lowered it grew to become extra of an ‘all day’ drink. Also, it is recorded that round this time Queen Anne began taking tea as an alternative of ale as her morning drink, which began the style of tea at breakfast.

If you consider it, if English Breakfast tea was named in England they in all probability would have known as it ‘Breakfast tea’, not ‘English’, proper? So perhaps it is sensible that the identify for this mix was really coined elsewhere, maybe within the United States. But was the precise black tea mix itself created right here, or elsewhere? Well, varied sources appear to have differing opinions.

English Breakfast: NYC, or Scotland?
Many sources level to tea service provider Richard Davies having invented ‘English Breakfast’ in New York City in 1843. Davies was a British immigrant working in NYC and supposedly mixed Chinese teas to create the well-known mix. Later, in 1884, American Robert M. Walsh printed A Cup of Tea, and mentions breakfast teas:

They are a definite selection, differing in shade, liquor, and taste from the Oolong species, and identified to commerce on this nation as “English Breakfast” tea, from its forming the staple cargo to England. They are produced within the province of Woo-e-shan, and derive their identify from the Bow-ui (bohea) Mountains, the place they’re grown…bohea teas comprise Capers, Pekoes, Souchongs, Pouchong and Congous.

This quote signifies Chinese black and oolong teas had been usually loved for breakfast at the moment, but it surely does not actually assist us work out if Davies coined the phrase. It’s essential to notice inexperienced tea was additionally extensively consumed throughout this time, however evidently ‘breakfast’ teas had been principally black or oolong. A typical English breakfast throughout this time interval was savory and meaty, so black teas would have labored properly to stability out the richness.

Some sources say ‘English Breakfast’ was really a Scottish invention by Scottish tea service provider Robert Drysdale in 1892 (which might additionally make sense, because it’s known as English Breakfast and never simply Breakfast tea). From Breakfast: A History by Heather Arndt Anderson

Most credit score the invention of so-called English Breakfast Tea goes to at least one Scottish tea grasp known as Drysdale, who purportedly developed the mix of  Ceylon, Keemun, and Assam leaves to market as “Breakfast Tea” within the late 1800s.

Sources say Queen Victoria sampled this mix throughout her keep at Balmoral (the Scottish royal residence), and he or she returned to England with a big provide. Thus it was renamed as ‘English Breakfast Tea’.

Irish Breakfast Tea, no milk or sugar for me

English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast
If you go searching for breakfast teas you will see English, Irish, and Scottish breakfast blends. They all differ in taste and energy (with Scottish supposedly being strongest). Even although English Breakfast began out as a Chinese tea mix, all three blends might comprise teas from China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa (and generally different areas). Since there is not a typical formulation on the market, it is robust to know what you are going to get.

No matter the place the identify comes from breakfast teas are created to face as much as milk and sugar, so that they’re usually heavy on energy and missing in nuanced taste. But that is not all the time the case. I’ve discovered a couple of breakfast blends that I actually take pleasure in and sometimes brew them up within the morning.

I search for blends which might be full free leaf tea, with a pleasant stability of flavors. When you get a superb one, milk and sugar is not vital. Since you by no means understand how a breakfast mix goes to taste, it is best to strive as many as doable!


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