How to Make Matcha Green Tea – And Everything Else You Need to Know

Matcha Green Tea: The Ultimate Guide - Art of Tea

Of the hundreds of teas in existence, there’s nothing fairly like matcha inexperienced tea: that clean, scrumptious taste, the wealthy texture, and all these fantastic well being advantages.

But earlier than you are taking one other sip, take a minute to study extra about this distinctive beverage, as soon as reserved for under the best the Aristocracy in Japan. At Art of Tea, we’re actually enthusiastic about unbelievable tea – so we’re going to interrupt down all the things you must find out about matcha inexperienced tea. We’ll cowl the historical past, culture, well being advantages, and preparation of matcha inexperienced tea, so you’ll be able to take pleasure in this delicacy like by no means earlier than.

After this information, you’ll by no means see matcha inexperienced tea the identical means once more. And to welcome you to matcha, now we have a present for you on the finish of this submit!

The History of Matcha Green Tea

There’s nothing like having fun with that conventional Japanese matcha inexperienced tea…

…or is it actually Japanese?

Matcha, green tea powder, in a chawan vessel with a chasen. Shallow dof.

The origins of this distinctive tea can truly be traced again to China in the course of the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279 C.E.). During this time, Zen Buddhists began making a powdered tea from a shade-grown inexperienced tea referred to as ”Gyokuro.” After steaming and drying the tea, they plucked the leaves — referred to as “tencha” — and floor them right into a powder referred to as “matcha” (抹茶).

It wasn’t till 1191 {that a} Zen monk named Eisai went to Japan and launched matcha. Matcha slowly misplaced its recognition in China over the next centuries, however the Japanese embraced it and made it an essential a part of rituals in Zen monasteries. As they built-in matcha into their very own culture, the Japanese continued to vary and ideal their very own distinctive course of of making matcha.

That mentioned, matcha was extraordinarily tough to provide, so solely the shogun and the excessive the Aristocracy may drink it. But in 1738, Sohen Nagatani invented the Uji methodology to make matcha inexperienced tea, a much more environment friendly course of that’s nonetheless in use in the present day. After the invention of the Uji methodology, matcha inexperienced tea noticed wider adoption throughout Japanese culture.

The Traditions and Culture of Matcha Green Tea

In addition to an extended and wealthy historical past, matcha boasts a vibrant set of traditions, rituals, and culture.

The Chinese Zen Buddhists who first created matcha may sense the advantages of the tea. They believed that consuming it introduced them readability, psychological focus, and calm, and it grew to become an integral a part of their meditation. In Japan, Samurai warriors additionally sensed the ability of the tea, consuming matcha earlier than a battle to enhance power and focus. And all of this is sensible: trendy research have make clear the chemical properties that give matcha its distinctive potential to boost power ranges with out producing nervousness.

The Samurai warriors additionally understood the ability of the tea and it’s believed that they’d drink matcha earlier than preventing a battle for extra power and focus.

In addition to conventional purposes, matcha additionally has a novel set of rituals connected to its preparation. Traditionally, matcha is brewed and introduced in a performance-based tea ceremony referred to as chanoyu (茶の湯). To an outsider, the method appears easy – nevertheless it’s extremely exact and detailed. It takes practically ten years for a grasp to study the matcha tea ceremony completely.


Every motion of the ceremony is prescribed and choreographed all the way down to essentially the most minute element, all with a robust give attention to spirituality, serenity, and silence. It’s about full focus within the current and being immersed in each single movement – an ideal embodiment of the Zen Buddhist custom from which matcha got here.

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Matcha Green Tea: The Ultimate Guide - Art of Tea

The conventional Japanese tea ceremony rests on 4 core rules: concord (和), respect (敬), purity (清), and tranquility (寂). And with such a flavorful taste and splendid texture, the matcha inexperienced tea powder deepens the calming and meditative features of the ritual, offering an ideal accompaniment to Zen Buddhist follow.

Well, what about for you?

In our fast-paced trendy world, having your individual tea ceremony with an invigorating cup of matcha inexperienced tea may very well be the proper strategy to step out from the craziness of the world to take pleasure in some “me time” and leisure.

The gear you’ll want in your personal tea ceremony are:

Tea bowl (茶碗, chawan)
Tea whisk (茶筅, chasen)
Tea spoon (茶杓, chashaku)
Tea material (茶巾, chakin)
Tea caddy (棗, natsume)

Later, we’ll present the EXACT steps to make the proper cup every time.

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How Matcha Tea Is Made

Even in in the present day’s industrial agricultural financial system, the traditional traditions of matcha nonetheless information the unique process by which it’s made.

The first step is rising the tea. The Sencha inexperienced tea bushes are grown in shade, simply as they had been by Chinese Zen Buddhists 1000 years in the past, for 20 days. Growing them within the shade slows the expansion of the leaves, darkening them by rising their chlorophyll content material and producing amino acids. It’s this course of, and the distinctive biochemical make-up it produces, that offers matcha inexperienced tea its unbelievable well being advantages.


They assist produce and improve matcha inexperienced tea’s unbelievable well being advantages.

Once sufficiently grown, solely the best tea buds are picked by hand and steamed, utilizing a conventional Japanese methodology of processing tea leaves. These leaves, generally known as Tencha, are positioned in a rotating drum full of ceramic-coated magnets. The magnets bounce quickly via the drum and strike one another, finely grinding the tencha leaves with out damaging their chemical composition.

This grinding course of produces a tremendous, powdered tea: culinary Matcha inexperienced tea, or Grade A Matcha.

Here’s a video of Art of Tea’s CEO, Steve Schwartz’s, journey to Japan to find out about this distinctive course of and the care and meticulousness that goes into it:
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The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

One of matcha’s most distinctive traits is its distinctive, highly effective well being advantages. From oral well being to weight reduction, matcha inexperienced tea has been related to a spread of constructive well being results all through the physique.

These advantages come up from the truth that matcha makes use of complete leaves floor right into a tremendous powder, producing a better focus of polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, and amino acids – phytonutrients that enhance a number of bodily capabilities – than common inexperienced tea.

So what, precisely, are the well being advantages related to matcha inexperienced tea? It’s an extended record, however analysis suggests matcha could have eight major well being advantages:

  1. Anti-cancer properties
  2. Reduces the danger of coronary heart illness
  3. Weight loss
  4. Oral & dental well being
  5. Cognitive enhancement
  6. Stress reduction
  7. Arthritis reduction
  8. Increased train endurance

1. Matcha inexperienced tea may need the potential to battle and forestall most cancers.

Green tea comprises catechins, a robust class of antioxidants. The strongest catechin present in inexperienced tea is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), and a number of other research counsel it has many advantages:

Tea Drink Book-26

2. Matcha tea may scale back the danger coronary heart illness.

Multiple research have urged matcha could have a constructive impact on cardiovascular well being, serving to to decrease the danger of coronary heart illness:

  • Spanish researchers reviewed a variety of studies and related inexperienced tea and its flavonoid, catechin, with a lower ldl cholesterol absorption and plasma ranges, a discount in platelet aggregation, and decrease blood strain.
  • Research from the Harvard Medical School discovered that the antioxidants in inexperienced tea can probably assist block the oxidation of LDL (unhealthy) ldl cholesterol whereas rising HDL (good) ldl cholesterol and bettering artery operate.
  • In a prospective 6-year study of 14,001 Japanese aged folks within the Annals of Epidemiology, researchers discovered that inexperienced tea consumption was related to a considerably lowered mortality from heart problems.

3. Matcha could aid you shed extra pounds.

Green tea, and matcha specifically, has lengthy been hailed as a weight reduction complement. Research helps this conclusion:

  • Research within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found {that a} inexperienced tea extract considerably elevated the power expenditure (the physique’s potential to burn energy) and fats oxidation in people. German researchers additionally discovered that the EGCG in inexperienced tea elevated fats oxidation and helped to decrease physique fats and BMI.
  • A 12-week study additionally discovered {that a} group that took inexperienced tea extract (which is excessive in catechins) misplaced considerably extra weight, fats mass, and waist circumference than a management group that drank a tea low in catechins.

4. Green tea may promote wholesome enamel and gums.

Catechin – the identical antioxidant answerable for matcha’s anti-cancer properties – may promote oral well being. A 2009 study by the American Academy of Periodontology means that catechin may scale back periodontal illness and enhance oral well being.

5. Matcha can enhance cognitive operate and supply a psychological increase.

Matcha is wealthy in L-Theanine, an amino acid which may be related to leisure and application in mind operate. Multiple research have born out this affiliation:

  • Dutch researchers suggested that the L-Theanine in inexperienced tea will increase alpha exercise within the mind, which may improve psychological alertness and a focus. As an additional profit, L-Theanine may enhance reminiscence and studying as a cognitive enhancing agent.
  • A 2011 study urged that the EGCG in inexperienced tea (in addition to different flavonoids) may play a task in lowering a sure facet of Alzheimer’s illness.

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6. Matcha might help you battle stress.

L-Theanine may have a constructive impact on stress discount:

7. Matcha may assist relieve arthritis.

A study from the University of Toledo in 2013 urged that the ECGC in matcha inexperienced tea may assist in opposition to the irritation from rheumatoid arthritis.

8. Matcha could enhance your health and train.

In a ten-week research, Japanese researchers found that supplementing with inexperienced tea extract boosted train endurance by 8% – 24% by rising the physique’s use of fats as an power supply.

Matcha isn’t a panacea, however a large base of analysis means that it could have a constructive impact on a variety of well being features all around the physique. It’s essential to notice that many of those research warning that the proof solely demonstrates a correlation and doesn’t show a direct causal relationship, and likewise that extra analysis is required to make a stronger conclusion – however mixed with the knowledge of the ancients, the information make a convincing case for the well being advantages of matcha.

Now, we’re not saying that matcha inexperienced tea is a miracle drink that can remedy all the things — in no way! But we wish to share the analysis publically accessible on the advantages related from components inside matcha inexperienced tea so you will get the schooling you deserve.Interesting stuff!

Many of those research, nevertheless, warning that extra analysis is required to make a robust conclusion so who is aware of what the subsequent few years of science may uncover!

How to Make Matcha Tea

Thankfully, the millennia of knowledge, traditions, and advantages that encompass matcha inexperienced tea isn’t misplaced to historical past. Even in our fast-paced trendy world, you’ll be able to connect with this lengthy custom by performing your individual tea ceremony with an invigorating cup of matcha inexperienced tea.

Here’s what you’ll have to carry out your individual matcha inexperienced tea ceremony:

  • Tea bowl (茶碗, chawan)
  • Tea whisk (茶筅, chasen)
  • Tea spoon (茶杓, chashaku)
  • Tea material (茶巾, chakin)
  • Tea caddy (棗, natsume)

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How to Perfectly Prepare Matcha Green Tea

Ready to expertise matcha for your self? Follow these steps to unleash the sensational taste, texture, and well being advantages of matcha inexperienced tea.

Start with the best high quality matcha inexperienced tea – our Grade A matcha or ceremonial grade matcha tea are each wonderful decisions. Our matcha inexperienced teas are licensed natural with leaves hand-picked from the highest-quality farms within the world.

That’s why, when you open the jar, you’re serenaded with the tea’s beautiful and calming aroma. As you start to whisk it into your bowl, the powder simply whips up into the trademark texture and creaminess of matcha tea.

Preheat the tea bowl with boiling water to awaken the cells, aromas, and flavors presently within the bowl and moisten the tea whisk.

  1. Pour out the water and dry the bowl with a clear material or chakin.
  2. Scoop 2 grams (1/Four teaspoon per 6-8oz of water) of matcha inexperienced tea and add roughly one teacup of sizzling water.
  3. Hold the bowl firmly with one hand and whisk from left to proper to type frothy bubbles. Whisk the Matcha effectively and break up any small lumps with the tip of your whisk. This assures essentially the most optimum taste and a clean and creamy texture.
  4. Hold the whisk in the midst of the froth and permit the liquid contained in the whisk to attract off, then gently take away.

With your matcha ready appropriately, really feel a wave of calm circulation via your physique as you are taking the primary sip. Enjoy that shiny, clear, and uplifting taste with only a trace of the pure sweetness that solely comes from high-quality matcha.


And that’s it! You’ll have a scrumptious cup of matcha able to take pleasure in and an exquisite, stress-free ritual to offer you some peace of thoughts (and a yummy well being increase) in your day!

Matcha Green Tea at Art of Tea

Now you’re a licensed skilled on matcha inexperienced tea – and should you’d prefer to expertise this magnificent tea for your self, Art of Tea supplies all the things you want. To make the method as straightforward as potential, we’ve mixed all the things you want for the matcha inexperienced tea ceremony right into a Complete Matcha Kit – and we’ll even throw in a coupon for one of our delicious matcha teas as an additional. We hope you benefit from the distinctive expertise, taste, and well being advantages that well-prepared matcha inexperienced tea can convey to your life!

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Feel a wave of calm circulation via your physique as you are taking that first sip. And take pleasure in that shiny, clear, and uplifting taste with only a trace of that pure sweetness, which solely comes from a high-quality matcha.

P.S. We made it tremendous straightforward so that you can have the BEST matcha inexperienced tea expertise by placing collectively all of the necessities in an entire equipment! Click HERE to take a peek.

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