Wine, beer, whiskey, and tea — which drink is the “odd one out?”

While it looks as if tea doesn’t match the others drinks, the fact is that they’re all created in an identical method. With Pu-erh tea, for instance, the leaves are harvested and fermented after being withered, dried, or barely pan-fired.

Then, after the tea leaves are pressed into discs or muffins, they’re aged in numerous environments, which creates pu-erh tea’s distinctive taste profile and character.

Pu-erh originates from the Camellia sinensis plant and sometimes falls into the “black tea” class due to its very concerned processing, however there’s extra to it than meets the attention.

Read on and study among the finest drinks you won’t be consuming!


Cultivating a Taste for Pu-Erh

So what makes pu-erh tea so completely different from different teas?

One of its differences is its cultivation process. There are three important methods: plantation bushes, wild tea bushes, or wild timber. (They are additionally planted at decrease altitudes versus the upper altitudes used for different sorts of tea.) Once harvested and processed, the leaves are pressed into muffins for getting old and storage.

The most prized pu-erh teas are harvested from wild tea bushes, grown with out human intervention. Then, tea pickers harvest these leaves, course of them, and age them in the identical method.

Pressing tea into discs is just not one thing distinctive to pu-erh tea, but it surely’s nonetheless essential to the strategy. Why? Discs improve the floor space of the tea, which accelerates the getting old course of. In reality, these finely aged pu-erh tea muffins have been as soon as thought-about so priceless that they have been used as foreign money or items.

(If you stroll into a standard tea store, you would possibly nonetheless see these pu-erh tea muffins adorning the shelving by the door.)

The Benefits Of Pu-Erh Tea

The pure oxidation course of that happens when getting old pu-erh tea isn’t the identical as different teas — it’s the results of fungal, bacterial, or auto-oxidation influences that happen naturally when getting old.

This produces a lot of pu-erh’s distinctive benefits to your well being.

Adding the fermentation and micro organism from pu-erh tea into your weight loss plan will support your physique’s digestion, which supplies a profit just like what you get from kombucha. The distinction, nevertheless, is that kombucha’s bacterial culture is launched to the fermentation course of whereas pu-erh tea develops it naturally.

(Needless to say, pu-erh tea is a wonderful various to kombucha.)

Because pu-erh tea is quickly gaining in reputation, scientific curiosity has been rising to determine its potential advantages. For instance, one animal research confirmed a each day weight loss plan of pu-erh tea aided weight loss and supported the reduction of bad (LDL) cholesterol.

To take pleasure in these properties, we advocate our licensed natural Naked Pu-erh tea, which has been aged for about 5 years. Hailing from Yunnan, China, it presents a candy, woodsy aroma and gentle earthy end.

Even although it’s generally referred to as a “black tea,” pu-erh tea’s processing helps it tackle completely different traits — the result’s an beautiful, scrumptious brew that’ll make your day appear just a bit brighter.

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