As candy and delicately aromatic because the tender buds from which it’s made, Silver Needle Tea is considered one of China’s most well-known and prized teas

Grown within the Fujian Province of China, Silver Needle is the best grade of white tea, as it’s made out of solely the leaf shoots of the Large White (Da Bai) tea tree. As the identify suggests, the buds are lined with delicate fleshy hairs.

What is White Tea?

Of the 5 most important kinds of tea- Black, Green, White, Oolong and Puerh- white tea is the least oxidized. Oxidation is the chemical response that takes place when freshly picked leaves are uncovered to oxygen. White tea additionally comprises very excessive ranges of antioxidants and different healthful chemical compounds.

How Silver Needle Tea is Produced

White Haired Silver Needle Tea is produced from the “first flush”, or first harvest of recent buds between March and April. Ideally, the leaf shoots are plucked late on a sunny morning, after the dew has evaporated. The leaves are then unfold out in shallow baskets to wither within the solar, or they might be wilted indoors with the assistance of heat air. Finally, they’re piled up for minimal oxidation and baked at a low temperature to dry the buds.


Like all white teas, Silver Needle must be ready utilizing less-than boiling water (165- 175 levels F). Many individuals consumer a larger amount of tea and steep as much as 5 minutes.

Photo by Rebecca Siegel/ Flickr CC

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  • Traditionally produced in the northern district of the Fujian province of China, this tea has been popular in its home country for thousands of years.
  • This is white tea in its finest, freshesy form. Our silver needle tea is made from 100% early spring tea buds, making it a delight that any tea lover will enjoy.
  • Bai Hao Yin Zhen Silver Needle is renowned for its wide range of health benefits, and is rich in anti-oxidants, which can help to neutralise the effects of harmful free radicals.
  • It has a naturally sweet taste, which is perfectly balanced by a slightly smoky, woodsy fragrance that belies its light but complex palate.
  • Just delicious!
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