Next time you add a spoonful of honey to your cup of tea, pause and contemplate that you’re about to partake of one of many oldest medicines recognized. The use of honey—and, certainly, bees and all their byproducts—as drugs goes again hundreds of years and has result in numerous research in addition to various remedies equivalent to apitherapy.
Buzzing Beehive
Both scientific analysis and people lore have listed honey as a therapy for allergy symptoms, sore throat, coronary heart illness, abdomen ulcers, pores and skin issues, most cancers, and extra. According to a 2011 article within the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, “honey is hygroscopic, which means that it can draw moisture out of the environment and dehydrate bacteria, and its high sugar content and low level pH can also prevent the microbes from growth.” In different phrases, it’s antimicrobial.

The National Institutes of Health agrees, citing honey as hygroscopic, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory in addition to an affective debriding agent for wound therapy. Many of those antimicrobial advantages come from hydrogen peroxide, which exists in honey because of the bees who add to it the enzyme glucose oxidase.

While some people draw back from honey as a consequence of its sweetness issue, it ought to be famous that it falls decrease on the glycemic index than sugar—and has way more dietary profit. The candy nectar of the bees is wealthy in vitamins, together with iron, calcium, potassium, riboflavin, and zinc, and the glucose it accommodates packs an lively punch that may gasoline your exercise.

Choosing Healthy Honey

When staring on the many types of honey on show at your grocery retailer, there are some things to remember if you would like essentially the most dietary worth.

Go Raw: Heat can destroy the useful enzymes and vitamins in honey, so for optimum affect go for uncooked, unpasteurized “bee juice”. If you’re feeling additional courageous, decide up some honeycomb or unfiltered honey!

Choose Organic: Most commercially produced honeys are made out of the nectar of flowers which were sprayed with pesticides. While you’ll be able to’t totally management the place your bees go to get their pollen repair, natural honey producers do their finest to ensure the flowers and different crops surrounding their hives are organically grown and pesticide free. The hives should be positioned more than 2 miles, as the bee flies, from any potentially contaminating pollution sources.

The Darker the Better: Generally talking, the darker the honey the extra dietary worth it has. There are exceptions, however it is a fairly good rule of thumb.

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