Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags
Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

There can be a massive debate about which is better to use, loose leaf of teabags.

Most people go to the grocery shop and pick out a box of tea bags without ever really experiencing loose leaf tea.

This too bad because there’re several reasons why people should consider purchasing loose leaf tea instead of standard tea bags.

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Loose Leaf Tea

The actual size of leaf tea makes a huge difference when brewing tea.

When you look deeply at bagged tea, people will find that it’s extremely small broken of leaves or herbs when brewing with loose leaf people are going to get more tastes.

This is because when the leaves are broken up into small substance, they can also vital oils that make tea delicious.

Little pieces don’t have the taste and nutrients that big leaves are going to provide. Loose leaf tea should have a solid and fragrant taste which doesn’t happen as well with tea bags.

Several people don’t know that tea also brews a bit better when there’s space around the tea leaves. Loose leaf tea has space to swell, move, and brew in a nature standard.

LOOSE LEAF TEA VS TEA BAGS + Which Tea Is Healthiest

Tea Bags

Teabags keep entire of the broken leaves in a small area and don’t let for as much waster circulation to extracts tastes. The fragrance and taste will be better when the tea leaves have more room.

Since tea bags have already broken down for simple and smooth storage and brewing purpose, they also will ho stale quicker than loose leaf tea.

Loose-leaf tea can be stored for a long time without going stale as long as they’re stored perfectly.

Loose-leaf tea can also be brewed more than 1 time and still extract taste, giving them the benefit in several ways over tea bags.

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