Ahmad Tea Cardamom
Ahmad Tea Cardamom

Ahmad tea gets to experience and skill from 3 generations of family activity in all places of the tea trade from plantations to blending and packaging.

The name of Ahmad Cardamon Tea is synonymous with the extremely finest teas.

The firm was established with the trust that our status must be founded on the standard of our teas.

Ahmad Cardamon tea a special combination of black tea and crushed cardamom pods, this refreshing yet spice-infused mixture provides the best balance of exotic tastes you would not find in any other tea.

It is an amazing cardamon-infused smell and a top, red shade when brewed, your savour buds.

Ahmad Cardamon Tea is perfect to have at house for its taste and price you would actually love it.

Cardamon is a famous spice across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

In Indian, it is used in sweet and savoury dishes – from creamy desserts to rice biryanis – while in Lebanon and Turkey it is ground into coffee.

The Scandinavians love it to taste their baking, while recently, chefs in the UK have been experimenting with chocolate and cardamom.

At Ahmad Tea, though, we still think it is excellent in a brew, adding its exotic aroma to a perfect cuppa.

Ahmad Cardamom Tea makes an adaptable brew. Served lightly steeped it is like a more exotic Earl Grey.

Enjoy it as they do in the Middle East by serving it powerful, black and with lots of sugar.

Alternatively, drink it well brewed with a splash of milk as a top, soothing cuppa, similar to a hot spiced chai tea.

Ahmad Tea Cardamom
Ahmad Tea Cardamom

Features Ahmad Tea Cardamom Tea

  • A powerful flavoured black tea with unique, spice-infused character
  • Top standard black teas blended with our exclusive cardamon taste
  • String and tag tea bags to make brewing simpler in either teapots or mugs
  • Winner of a 2016 Great Taste Award and praised for its clean taste
  • British family-run business with 4 generations of tea blending expertise

Ahmad Tea is a family-run British business built on 4 generations of tea expertise.

For over twenty-five years, we have pioneered top standard, great-tasting tea in more than eighty countries worldwide.

It is our focus to better lives, one cup of tea at a time and we are proud to provide back by leading big charitable projects.

These contain clean water, child welfare, hospitals and more in both the UK and additional afield.

We also work with the Ethical Tea partnership to make sure sustainability is at the heart of our sourcing.

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