Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea
Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea

Cylon is a perfect example of one of the world’s most famous teas.

Rightly balanced with a lively and brisk taste, it makes a refreshing and energising cuppa any time of the day.

Balanced loose leaf

Fame for its big growth areas, Sri Lanka climate is well matched to producing standard black teas.

Our professional tea Master blends teas from various gardens to make this balanced loose leaf expression.

We use low-grown teas – harvested from sunny gardens below six-hundred metres to give the brew its strength and colour.

Then we include medium-grown teas from cooler gardens between 600 and 1,200 to provide the blend with its citrusy, lighter notes.

Loose Ahmed tea Ceylon is a really versatile brew.

With its rich amber fresh and blue, zesty aromas, it suits the addition of a slice of lemon to bring out its zesty notes.

Brewed richer, it also takes milk well, relaxing its briskness and emphasising its deeper taste.

Alternatively, enjoy the more fragrant and refined taste of loose leaf Ceylon as a top iced tea.

Dilute a powerful infusion with sugar, lemon, and ice water to make the ultimate warm weather pick-me-up.

Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea
Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea


Sri Lanka is generally described as the island jewel of the Indian Ocean and Ceylon teas areas top and inviting as the history and heritage of the land itself.

Ahmed Ceylon tea is a mixture of the finest top-grown teas from the hillsides of Sri Lanka. A delicate bright tea with a distinctive taste and a charming golden colour.

The rich amber brew fills the mouth with a relaxing and invigorating burst of taste that is brisk palate tingling yet refined.

Ahmad Ceylon teas grades

Orange band: Some of the best teas, plucked from the hillsides of Ceylon, are blended to generate a drink of unique character, a best golden colour and brisk delicate taste that can be served with a slice of lemon.

Purple band: Plucked from the hillside bushes of the plantation, this top long leaf tea has the unique Ceylon character.

A liquor that is flavoursome and light, it can be enjoyed with a slice of lemon, or with milk.

Red band: Exclusive Ceylon teas blended to offer the tea connoisseur with a distinctive cup. Best strength, bright golden-orange colour and gentle aroma set this tea above the rest.

Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea
Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea

Tasting notes

  • This tea can be offered with milk or a slice of lemon for a really refreshing experience.
  • Pair with pains aux raisins or croissants at breakfast or with traditional afternoon tea sandwiches, sweet pastries and rich fruit cakes.
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