best loose leaf tea storage containers
best loose leaf tea storage containers

The fresher you can keep your loose tea leaf before using it, the better.

Keeping the air out is an especially vital factor when selecting loose leaf tea storage containers.

Teabags that are individually sealed into foil packages do not necessarily need to be stored in an airtight container.

If you are storing individually sealed and bagged teas, you will probably want something with dividers to consolidate your stash.

What to look for when buying the best leaf tea storage container?

  • Opaque – to keep light away, the loose tea container should dark or opaque. Avoid clear containers for this reason.
  • Airtight – you want to keep odour, humidity, and air away from your loose tea leaf to keep it fresher longer.
  • Size – do not get a bit to lose tea containers since you do not want a lot of air in the container with leaves. Plus, when the container is huge, it becomes difficult to handle.
  • Wide Opening – do not struggle to get loose tea loaf out of the small opening. You need enough space to simply spoon out the team from the storage container.
loose leaf tea storage ideas
loose leaf tea storage ideas

Loose Tea Storage Tips

  • Green tea does not have as long as shelf life as black tea and oolong tea since they’re less oxidized.
  • Do not store tea in a plastic storage container unless you are using a similar one to store a similar tea every time – the plastic absorbs and released smell.
  • It is a fine idea to write down the date of the loose leaf tea purchase on the container – you will never have to guess if it is old or really old.
  • If your leaf tea comes in a paper bag, store it in a perfect airtight container.
  • Label your containers so you do not have to open them up every time to see what is inside.
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