Glastal Glass Teapot
Glastal Glass Teapot

The teapot is made of crystal-clear borosilicate glass, which can withstand immediate temperature changes from minus 20 C to 150 c without cracking.

It can be warmed on an open flame, stove, radiant-cooker, and microwave safe.

Simple to clean

Each tea port part is detachable, and the best glass and stainless steel area make it simple to clean. It is advised to dirt free the glass jug and tea strainer quickly after use.

All glassware is weak, so use and dirt-free it rightly.

Vital: the dishwasher is safe, but hand washing is advised for long-term use.

Features Glastal Glass Teapot

For hot and cold drinks

The teapot is made of crystal-clear borosilicate glass, which can withstand fast temperature changes from minutes 20 to plus 150 without cracking.

It can be warmed on an open flame, microwave safe.

18/10 stainless steel

Rustproof and fit material ensures the teapot is durable enough for long-term use.

Ultra-fine filter

It helps no residues left in your tea.

The filter is perfect for fine tea, fruit tea, coarse tea, tea bag and scented tea. This filter can get rid of quickly, and the lid will still cover the pot.

Glastal 1500ml Glass Teapot
Glastal 1500ml Glass Teapot

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Big capacity

1500ml, sufficient for 6-7 cups of water. You can share great tea time with your family and friends.

We advise filling the pot with 1350 ml of water to hot it optimally on a stove.

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1x manual, 1x glasses teapot with gift package, Glastal offers an eighteen-month warranty on the product since the date of purchase.

You can ask for free change if the product has any standard issues during the warranty period.

Glastal 1500ml Glass Teapot
Glastal 1500ml Glass Teapot

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Anti-scalding cover

The cover top is made of plastic, secure to touch and reject scalding when taking the cover off.

No drip

The spout is made to control the pouring well and keep it tidy and clean.

Relax grip

The teapot handle is ergonomically made to make grip simpler and more relaxed.

Exquisite craft

borosilicate glass Crystal-clear brushed lid surface, and the details constitute the subtle teapot.

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  1. When pouring tea, press on the knob on the lid to stop the top from falling over because of its weight.
  2. Pay focus to the proper installation of the stainless steel ring.
  3. Please handle the teapot softly, mainly when it is drinks packed.
  4. The teapot is handmade and mouth-blown, so there might be a pretty variation between each teapot.

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