Breville One Cup Hot Water Dispenser VKJ142
Breville One Cup Hot Water Dispenser VKJ142

Capable of warming a cup of water in less than a minute, the Breville HotCup water dispenser is the best substitute for a kettle for families who are forever on the go.

The water dispenser’s super-fast speed gathered with the power-efficient design offers limitless advantages for those looking to brew their favourite warm drinks.

Features One Cup Hot Water Dispenser Breville

From instant cocoa and coffee to loose-leaf tea, the versatile Breville Hotcup water dispenser can support you make warm drinks in under a minute.

It is best for those who do not love waiting for their morning pick-me-up or with sizeable brew runs in busy households.

The 1.51 water tank holds 5-7 cups of water – accommodating a full warm drinks round. Open the push key lid and fill it from the tap to refill the tank.

The simple yet creative design means you can boil water quickly without linking to the critical water supply.

The high-power warming element provides the fast boiling action of the warm water dispenser.

The warm water dispenser boasts a perfect black design with polished stainless trim, complementing the new kitchen.

The water tank’s blue illumination is pleasing to the eye and clarifies when the water has been warmed.

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Additionally, because the warm water dispenser boils its water, it is far more power-efficient and economical than a standard kettle.

The Breville HotCup water dispenser’s creative design makes the appliance straightforward and fast to clean.

The removable drip tray, limescale filter, and stainless steel finish simplify the cleaning process. So you can be sure warmed every time and an appliance that continues to look remarkable in your kitchen.

Big water window with blue illumination in boil mode, perfect black design, with polished stainless steel trim complements new kitchens.

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Breville VKJ142 One Cup Review

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