Pukka Turmeric Active Organic Herbal Tea with Ginger & Galangal
Pukka Turmeric Active Organic Herbal Tea with Ginger & Galangal

Good news for active living

Made with organic galangal, ginger, liquorice, nettle, Triphala and turmeric

A warm, spicy and invigorating blend

Features Pukka Turmeric Active Organic Herbal Tea

Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients

Bring these incredible herbs alive by infusing in freshly boiled water for up to 15 minutes

We are proud to be 1% of the planet. This product is certified FairWild and Fair for Life

Vegetarian, kosher and non-GM

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John Richard
Hello, tea lovers! My name is John Richard, and I am honored to be a part of the tea community here at Tea Hee. As an Tea Consultant and Tea Expert, I have dedicated my life to exploring the vast world of tea and sharing my knowledge and passion with others. With several esteemed prizes and awards under my belt, I am humbled to have been recognized for my expertise in the industry. This recognition has further fueled my commitment to providing you with the highest quality tea experiences and helping you discover new flavors and sensations. With a wealth of experience in the tea industry, I have had the pleasure of working with renowned tea masters and tea gardens from around the globe. This has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the intricate art of tea cultivation, processing, and brewing techniques, which I am thrilled to share with you through our carefully curated tea selections.