brew tea english breakfast 5 x 500g total 25kg loose whole leaf tea
brew tea english breakfast 5 x 500g total 25kg loose whole leaf tea

My today’s tea review is for the Brew Tea Company English Breakfast. My Sunday was instantly improved when I received this lovely Brew Tea Company English Breakfast package on my doorstep, and I eagerly got to work on unpacking it.

This was where my issues lay… once, their packaging looked elegant inside the package. It was a shame to unwrap the tissue paper and some quirky translucent stickers. Though, my need for tea drove me onwards.

Features Brew Tea Company English Breakfast

I must take some moment to appreciate the delicate design and the branding of the range of tea.

This striking yet straightforward pack design made me fall in love with Brew Tea Company English Breakfast even before trying it. If this has not won a packaging design award, it indeed should.

The Brew Tea Company English Breakfast is a blend of Ceylon and Assam in pyramid silk tea bags.

They recommend brewing for 3 – 5 minutes, so I brewed for the complete 5 using freshly boiled water, so I like strong tea.

The quality of the tea was excellent as the leaves expanded in the bag. There is a whopping 3 3/4g of tea in every cup! They make it quite solid as compared to other tea I have tried.

Once I put milk, the colour of the tea instantly told me this was going to be a great Cup of tea. The aroma was fresh and fantastic.

  • Right balance among the rich Ceylon and malty Assam
  • It was refreshing with each sip
  • I enjoyed this at all times of the day, not just at breakfast

Overall I am impressed with the flavour smell and brew tea’s excellent presentation. A versatile tea that, frankly, I am gutted will be over in fifteen tea bags’ time.

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Brew Tea English Breakfast 5 x 500g (Total 2.5kg) Loose Whole Leaf Tea

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Brew Tea English Breakfast 100 Whole Leaf Tea Bags

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Brew Tea English Breakfast 500g Loose Whole Leaf Tea

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Brew Tea Co - English Breakfast - English Loose Leaf Tea in Classic Tin, Made with Real Tea Leaves - Strong, Rich Flavour (150g)

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