Soursop tea is a caffeine-free and herbal tea made from dried leaves of GRAVIOLA.

Is Soursop tea similar to GUANABANA tea and GRAVIOLA tea?

Soursop, GUANABANA, and GRAVIOLA are three words that mean similar things.

The systematic name of the plant is Annona muricata. So Soursop tea, GUANABANA tea, and GRAVIOLA tea is similar thing.

Soursop tea is a dried leaf from the Annona muricata steeped in warm water for enjoyment and health.

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How often should you drink soursop tea?

There is no textbook answer to the question of how often should you drink soursop tea? Because this is a mostly asked question, here is a proper answer.

Soursop tea consumption is not a medically known cure for a medical situation. Experts and doctors don’t learn about it in a medical college or school.

The FDA does not regulate Soursop tea as a pharmaceutical in the United States. So there’s no AMA-sanctioned frequency or dosage.

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How to Make Soursop Tea: Types of Tea

That said, this info is provided to assist you in making your personal decision about how much to consume. Here is a recommendation:

Start Soursop tea with 1 cup each day.

If it feels excellent has no adverse reaction, stick with Soursop. If you are not to increase your consumption for further healing advantages, add the 2nd cup later in the day.

Try this for one week, and see it suit you. If you need to be more aggressive to address a health situation, start with 3 cups each day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Monitor how you feel and cut back if you feel any issues or unwanted side effects or have any problems.

When treating any condition with herbal cures, you might need to consult an expert.

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