Russell Hobbs 24363 Inspire Electric Kettle
Russell Hobbs 24363 Inspire Electric Kettle

If you are looking to add a touch of individuality to your kitchen, the Kettle provides style and work.

By gathering a grey textured high gloss end with chrome features.

Features Russell Hobbs Inspire Electric Kettle

So, start your morning routine early with that much-required cup of tea or have friends and family over for a cuppa and get closer to and relish in the tributes got about your Grey Inspire Kettle.

The water window glows blue when warming, bringing a perfect illumination to your kitchen.

This Kettle makes a relaxing atmosphere, just what you need on those mornings that can generally be pretty hectic.

With the Grey Inspire kettle, you are promised power and a fantastic design.

So whether it is that first cup of tea in a morning that you can crave to prepare you for the day or you have been stuck with the brew round for the complete family, the Grey Inspire Kettle can cater for any person and everyone.

So whether it is tea for two or tea for a few, the inspire Kettle will leave you with extra time to sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Key Features

  • With a 1.7 L capability, it is the perfect size to make sufficient for every person. Whether you take pleasure in a cosy cuppa and a chat with friends or a brew for the entire family, this Kettle has you covered.
  • Wave goodbye to water splashing onto the kitchen worktop every time you pour, made with the best pour that makes a streamlined flow of water straight from your Kettle to your cup.
  • Saving your energy and time, you can enjoy a quick cuppa in a matter of minutes, you can boil up one cup in forty-five seconds and saves up to sixty-six per cent energy.
  • Be motivated every morning with a delicious cuppa from the inspire Grey Kettle, with charming curves that amazingly cover around the Kettle.

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Russell Hobbs Inspire Electric Kettle White with Chrome Accents

This Grey inspire Kettle is designed with a perfect pour spout that makes a streamlined flow of water straight from your Kettle to your cup, leaving the days of splutters and splashes all over the worktop behind.

Sometimes you are making a pot of tea for the complete family, other times. You want a grab a quick cuppa for one before you head out of the door.

The Grey inspire kettle lets you measure the best amount of 1 cup using a quick boil zone spec.

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