La Cafetière Barcelona 900ml Ceramic Teapot
La Cafetière Barcelona 900ml Ceramic Teapot

This petite and stylish Barcelona teapot is from the coffee connoisseurs La Cafetiers.

An amazing pretty design, Barcelona is a ceramic teapot that is perfect for two.

Featurs La Cafetière Barcelona Ceramic Teapot

Crafted for contemporary flavours, Barcelona is best for every type of tea lover with its handy removable filter, this makes it perfect for both loose leaf tea and tea bags, from traditional English tea to herbal teas and fruity.

Chill grey stoneware body with stainless steel lid, this trendy model is also accessible in pistachio, retro and blue.

The Barcelona teapot has a new and stylish look, with a porcelain body and stainless steel infuser.

The fast finish, gathered with four great colours (red, pistachio, retro blue, cool blue) makes for an eclectic addition to any tea lover kitchen.

The product comes in a two-cup and for cup size depending on your drinking practices, and the infuser is detachable so it can be used with regular bags or loose leaf.

La Cafetière Barcelona 900ml Ceramic Teapot
La Cafetière Barcelona 900ml Ceramic Teapot

How to clean a stainless steel teapot

It is vital to keep your brewing accessories clean after each use.

A build-up of an item of old beverage residue is not just unhygienic and bad for health but it will also affect the flavour of your drink.

To fully clean the item, we advise cleaning each part separately.

For common clean, use warm soapy water.

Anyway, if you view limescale building up over time, you can use bicarbonate of soda to support get the inside even cleaner.

The best spec of this La Cafeitere item is that the infuser is removable for simple cleaning and maintenance.

La Cafetiere Barcelona teapot

The teapot was invented in China during the Yuan Dynasty.

It was likely derived from wine spots and ceramic kettles, which were produced of bronze and other metals and were properties of Chinese life for 1000s of years.

Brewing preparation during last dynasties did not use a teapot.

Using a teapot is the best way to make an inviting environment when hosting family and friends.

It makes a relaxing atmosphere where you can leisurely enjoy a new pot of tea without having to back and forth in the kitchen making individual cups.

It is also a remarkable way to let your guest customize their beverage actually how they love it – picking their best brew time, amount of milk and including sweetener.

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