London Pottery Globe Small Teapot with Strainer Ceramic
London Pottery Globe Small Teapot with Strainer Ceramic

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A fresh brew cannot be beaten. Steep every cupful to perfection with this iconic Globe teapot by London Pottery Company

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this 2 cup teapot is ideal for a few cups of tea in the morning or a catch-up with a friend


a built-in ceramic strainer catches teabags, petal teas and larger loose leaves for an easy, smooth-tasting brew


this small teapot is stamped with an authentic London Pottery Company logo. Capacity: 500 ml

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London Pottery Globe Small Teapot with Strainer, Ceramic, Cobalt Blue, 2 Cup Capacity (500 ml)

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London Pottery Globe Small Teapot with Strainer in Gift Box, Ceramic, Nordic Grey, 2 Cup (500 ml)

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London Pottery Splash Globe Teapot with Strainer, Stoneware, Blue / White, 2 Cup (500 ml)

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London Pottery Farmhouse Polka Dot Teapot with Infuser, Ceramic, Ivory/Multicolour Polka Dots, 6 Cups (1.5 Litre)

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London Pottery Farmhouse Small Teapot with Infuser, Ceramic, Rockingham Brown, 2 Cup (600 ml)

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London Pottery Geo Filter Infuser Teapot, Ceramic, Aqua, 2 Cup (650 ml)

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