This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Milk For Tea.

We would recommend using Nitto Royal Milk Tea 9.87oz (280g) (2 Pack)as it is available at a reasonable price.

It is uniquely blended with the perfect balance of milk, sugar, and tea leaves.

We are proud to be serving our customers an experience that is refreshing and comforting on any day of the year!

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The Best Milk Tea

Milk Tea is one of the many delicious creations that have come about since our country’s founding.

It’s a sweet and tangy drink that pleases all palates, especially those who live in the south where it originated.

There are so many variations to this beverage, including different flavors like taro milk tea or honeydew milk tea.

Whatever flavor you prefer, be sure to stop by your local shop for some refreshing milk tea!

You can view more information on each type of milk tea available.

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Kirin Gogo No Kocha Milk Tea 500ml (Set of 6)

 out of stock
as of


  • 6 Bottle Kirin Milk Tea 500ml
  • Boxed by Let's Go Market

Nitto Royal Milk Tea Hot Cold Kocha 10 Pouch Pack

£12.00  in stock
as of


  • Premium Japanese Milk Tea, You will receive 1 bag(individually wrapped 10packs)

Classic Bubble Milk Tea Instant 3in1 Powder Mix - 1kg (33 Drinks) | For Boba Tea, Milkshake, Blended Frappe and Bakery | Authentic Taiwan Recipe | Zero Trans Fat, No Preservatives by Moriyama Teahouse

£16.99  in stock
as of


  • AUTHENTIC: Our beverage blends are made in Taiwan and are delicious to satisfy any boba tea lover
  • CONVENIENT: Enjoy café-quality Classic Milk Tea anywhere. Just add water/milk to your preference
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: One bag serves 33 tasty drinks (200ml). Comes in re-sealable bag for freshness
  • QUALITY: Our teas have 0 trans fat, no preservatives, are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: Home, Office, Snacking, Parties, Birthdays, Valentine’s, Christmas

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After 10 Years This is How I Make Milk Tea

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