TWININGS Beetroot Tea with Ginger and Orange
TWININGS Beetroot Tea with Ginger and Orange

TWININGS is a well-known tea brand with a history dating back to 1706. High-quality rich flavour tea has always been at the heart of what TWININGS does.

Features TWININGS Beetroot Tea with Ginger and Orange

Well-known for creating vibrant and aromatic blends loved by every tea lover worldwide, from English breakfast and Earl Grey to Chai Lattes and several fruity infusions, we know the details that matter most for every tea drinker.

Today’s product is TWININGS Beetroot Tea with Ginger and Orange, a wealthy and flavorful edition from TWININGS.

TWININGS Beetroot Tea with Ginger and Orange is a colourful addition to any meal.

TWININGS have been inspired to blend it into a flavorful infusion.

Combined with warming ginger and the juicy, sweet taste of orange, it is ideal for enjoying at any time of the day.

What does TWININGS Beetroot Tea with Ginger and Orange taste like?

Sweet earth beetroot aroma is followed by the juicy flavour of orange and the subtle warmth of ginger, offering refreshing touch, well-rounded blend. Beetroot beets are consumed in several ways – like root vegetables and leafy greens.

TWININGS has used the root, which has a vibrant purple colour and a rich sweet earthy flavour.

Ginger is one of the world’s best ingredients and is utilized in foods and drinks across the world for its warmth aromatic abilities.

Orange fresh and juicy tasting – the sweet flavour of orange is a firm favourite around the globe.

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Main Features

  • Ginger and orange-flavoured infusion with Beetroot and added Thiamin
  • Enjoy at least one cup a day as part of the varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Thiamin (B1 Vitamin) contributes to the general function of our heart.

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