Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 200g
Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 200g

Origeens Raspberry leaf tea. A rich in minerals and vitamin herbal tea.

High in tannings, Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea is advised to use in pregnancy to make it stronger and tone the womb, which aids in helping labour proceed at a stable pace.

It is advised that expectant mums begin drinking Rasberry Tea after 32 weeks so that the minerals and vitamins have time to build up and work rightly.

Beneficial for both women and men with hormonal health. It helps detoxify excess hormones and support flu, sore throat, and acne symptoms.

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 200g
Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 200g

Features Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 200g

Well-being for women

Also called the women’s herb, raspberry herbal tea can support women from puberty to menopause, including during birth and pregnancy and breastfeeding, thanks to their properties.

Organic raspberry tea

Raspberry leaves are certified from organic farming. They have been cultivated without using chemical items to respect nature and your health.

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Ease and soothes

Rich in minerals and vitamins, raspberry leaves can tone the uterus and ease premenstrual signs and painful and heavy periods.

It can also help ladies just before giving birth and during breastfeeding.

Premium standard

We have carefully picked standard leaves grown in the West so that you can enjoy their fit virtues to the full.

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Try it

At first, it may shock you, because of a white surface on the tea, which may make you think they have gone off, or for the reason that the subtle flavour which does not make flavour strongly of Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea, but raspberry leaves will turn out to be great allies for those who take time to try them and enjoy them.


Infuse two teaspoons of leaves in 25cl of warming water for ten minutes. A slice of lemon and a spoonful of honey go rightly with this herbal tea.

You might be shocked by the way it looks at first because of the white surface, which may make you think that they have gone off, and a kind taste, but raspberry leaves can be a great help to any person who takes the time to try them.

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Three friends who want to make you explore the planet via the best organic coffee and tea.

Raspberry leaves are hundred per cent organic and free from fake flavours.

Ladies rich in minerals and vitamins can use them from puberty to menopause, including during birth, pregnancy, and breastfeeding caffeine-free.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea For Women’s Health

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