Tealyra - Pluto Porcelain Small Teapot Grey
Tealyra - Pluto Porcelain Small Teapot Grey

There is no difficulty in starting the day with a fragrant freshly brewed tea or spending the evening with your family with a cup of your favourite drink.

All you need is a quality tea (preferably leaves, but there may be sachets), a good brewing teapot and water of the right temperature (depends on the tea sort chosen).

Tealyra – Pluto Porcelain Small Teapot Grey

Tealyra PLUTO modern teapot is quality and beauty together. Our loose leaf teapot is made of high-quality porcelain.

This material is ideal for making the most aromatic and delicious tea, looks attractive, and works well.

BPA and Lead-free.

We offer several colour solutions for enamel teapot.

Tealyra porcelain teapot with lid and stainless steel mesh perfectly brewі the tea, does not leak and tickle.

Using a teapot infuser will be very convenient. Volume of 520ml / 18 oz. makes about 1-2 cups of the most delicious tea – enough for one or two persons.

Order porcelain teapot with infuser as a gift for relatives or friends. A beautiful and practical porcelain teapot infuser is a great idea for any holiday!


Tealyra teapot is porcelain made because this material is the best for brewing large – and small-leaf or herbal tea.

Porcelain perfectly withstands high temperatures, serves for a long time without losing its functional qualities and appearance.


In the perfect tea, there are no leaves or small particles floating. So that you can really enjoy the drink, the leaves should give away their taste, aroma and colour and do not get into the cup.

Our teapot with infuser and strainer always brews only perfect drinks.


Tealyra PLUTO ceramic teapot is equipped with a stainless steel cover, which opens widely and conveniently, without interfering with the filling of the tea leaves, and closes tightly during the welding process.

Drip-less spout allows you to pour a drink into a cup without spilling.


Our teapots are BPA, Plastic and Lead-Free. Drip-Free. All parts are dishwasher safe.

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