ARKTEK Tea Infuser
ARKTEK Tea Infuser

Arktek stainless tea infuser was made to make brewing a cup of tea as simple as easy.

Loose leaf tea spreads and needs lots of room when stepping to make sure the top taste, this infuser is big enough and permit the best water flow.

Features ARKTEK Tea Infuser

It permits the water to completely expand and make sure that you get the real and full taste of your favorite loose leaf teas.

Use the Arktek tea infuser to enjoy the best cup of tea.

Simple to use

Fill with tea, twist the lid a quite bit, and bit it sleep.

Just discard used leaves and rinse in warm water.

Brew your loose leaf tea with ease.

Suitable size

Fit various types of teacups, teapots, and mugs of which diameter 4.5cm/1.8 inch.

Hook design

Lets the ball hang from your panhandle and teapot and is simply removable when your tea leaf has completely steeped.

The infuser will remain the top situation if washed with water after every use. If there is any question, our customer service will forever be here to help.

Durable and safe

Designed from food-grade 304 stainless steel, without any damage to your fitness.

Built with the best durability.

ARKTEK Tea Infuser
ARKTEK Tea Infuser

Why use an APKTEK tea infuser?

Most tea aficionados will tell you that loose leaf tea is an excellent standard and their best choice when it is time to brew tea.

That is because tea bags generally contain partial or broken leaves in the bags.

These pieces and bits are called as tea dust and fannings.

Which contain less of the antioxidants and polyphenols that make tea best for your health.

In general, tea bags are also strongly packed.

The lack of area within the tea bags does not permit the tea leaves to expand and release taste.

This means that many teas from bags lack bold tastes and can flavor bland or bitter.

The resulting brew from tea bags is generally a subpar taste and less enjoyable tea experience.

On the other hand, lose tea packs a bigger punch, and when it comes to taste and health advantages.

The complete leaves are chock full of chemical compounds and antioxidants that support you fight off colds, save brain health, and improve heart health.

In order to brew a fit cup of tea using loose leaves, you will need an Arktek tea infuser.


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