New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin
New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin

This tin in the range of elegant Vintage Victorian English Tea tins from New English Teas features lavish hand-drawn illustrations in vintage old English style.

This New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin contains 240 teabags.

The perfect Victorian tin for displaying on kitchen counters or storing in kitchen cupboards!

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Features New English Teas Tin

It is grown in the Western part of Sri Lanka, over four thousand feet in altitude.

The New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea blend is powerful, full-bodied, and rich in flavour with a fragrant aroma.

A perfect gift for any tea lover, featuring Victorian-style English self-made illustrations and forget me, not flowers.

Many Victorian-style tea tins are available, such as mini tins, trendy 240 tea bags caddy, or smaller ones with 80 teabags round caddy.

This New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin contains best-selling English breakfast tea bags and is foil-wrapped for freshness.

This elegant mint green caddy with gold embossed detail features excellent English afternoon tea illustrations and performs part of the New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea range.

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Main Features

  • Extremely collectable, this elegant tea tin contains a popular choice of English Breakfast tea
  • A stylish English mint green tea caddy features excellent Victorian-style teaware and intricate gold embossing
  • inspired from a vintage large tea tin caddy containing 240 breakfast tea bags
  • The national favourite tea, English Breakfast, is the best-served tea with a splash of milk
  • inside vintage-inspired New English Teas Vintage Victorian tin, the English Breakfast teabags are foil-wrapped for freshness
  • The round-style tea caddy is 26cm in height and 17centimenter in diameter. A big container for showing on kitchen counters and storing plenty of teabags for effortless access.

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This vintage Victorian English breakfast tea tin is a tasty mint green tea caddy featuring Victorian teaware and intricate gold embossing.

This fabulous tea tin contains 240 famous and tasty English breakfast teabags.

About Brand

New ENGLISH teas were established in 1985 by Anthony Brown, the great-grandson of Arthur Brooke (Brooke Bond Tea founder).

With a deep-seated history of creating perfect tea brands, Anthony saw a chance for tea to be developed as a gift item.

NEW ENGLISH Teas was trusted in ethical trading and, over the years, has built robust foundations and unique relationships with the growers, farmers, and producers they work with in India and Sri Lanka.

Their teas are famous across the planet for their delicate, tasty flavour and are lovingly handpicked and blended with carefully picked world ingredients to bring you the best recipes.

What makes our product unique?

We proudly produce fine standard tea, have built numerous collections, and continue to present our teas in beautifully embossed caddies, tins and cartons.

Why do we like what we do?

We intensely trust in giving back and are proud to donate some profits to pick several charitable activities and foundations around the planet.

Advantages of New English teas vintage Victoria tea tin


This rectangular tea caddy is 14cm in width, 7cm in depth and 9cm in height—the best size tin for displaying on kitchen counters or saving in cupboards. This is 5.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 2.8 inches for American friends.

Includes teabags

It contains forty English breakfast teabags grown in the Western hills of Sri Lanka, over 4000 feet in altitude. Our blend is powerful, full-bodied, and rich in flavour with a fragrant taste.

Perfect gift

The best gift for nan or mum, featuring Victorian-style English hand-drawn illustrations.

New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin Caddy with 240 English Breakfast teabags

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Health advantages of New English tea vintage Victoria tea tin


Although English tea is essentially calorie-free, a six-ounce cup contains about sixty-five milligrams of potassium, which is required for fluid balance, and small amounts of phosphorus and magnesium, necessary for bone health and many vital biochemical reactions.

Fluoride is a mineral that can help stop dental caries. There are approximately 0.5 milligrams of fluoride in one tin. One tin of English tea also provides about nine micrograms of folate, a B vitamin that helps your body produce new red blood cells and other cells.

Tea phytochemicals

Fresh tea leaves are a naturally high class of plant-based compounds known as polyphenol flavonoids. During the production of black tea, such as English breakfast vintage Victoria tea, fresh green leaves are dried, rolled and permitted to oxidize and ferment before being exposed to heat.

Further darkening the leaves, this processing produces top levels of 2 types of polyphenols called thearubigins and theaflavins. These natural chemicals are potent antioxidants that help stabilize free radicals, permitting your body to eliminate them.

Eliminates stress

Recent studies advise that English tea helps decrease the cortisol levels in your body, a significant stress hormone. Hence, English breakfast tea, a Victoria tea blend, eliminates stress.

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Promote weight loss

By promoting the growth of the best bacteria in the gut, English breakfast tea helps better digestion. Not just that, this tea also pushes our power metabolism in the liver, thereby promoting weight loss.

Increases concentration

Thanks to the caffeine content in Victorian tea, which is about 40-70 mg in one tin, half of that found in coffee, English tea is a remarkable wake-up drink. This tea also helps keep you attentive and your mood refreshed throughout your day.

Improves heart health

Drinking English tea regularly has been shown to open blocked arteries, decreasing the risk of heart stroke and attack. English tea also lowers blood glucose levels, low-density lipoprotein, and triglyceride levels in the body. Thus, supporting them promotes total heart health.

Better dental health

The unique fluoride content of Victoria tea helps stop tooth decay and promotes gum health. A comparative study of kids drinking New English teas showed tooth decay among the latter.

Treats kidney stones

By providing your body with all the essential fluids, English teas can help stop the formation of kidney stones and maintain kidney health.


I am consuming Vintage Victoria tea tin, as New English tea is generally considered safe. Anyway, vintage Victoria tea contains 40 to 70 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce tin, about half the amount in a cup of coffee.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can cause neurological changes, quick heart rate and other issues when used excessively. Caffeine-induced changes can be reduced or rejected by choosing decaffeinated English tea over the caffeinated type. By consuming tea for its possible health advantages, discuss it with your doctor to determine whether it might support you.

New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin with 240 English Afternoon teabags

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Reasons tea tins are the best idea


Most tea bags and loose-leaf tea begin to lose their taste after three to four months if not preserved in airtight glass, wood, or tin container. Not only does fresh tea flavour better, but it also helps save you cash and gets the most out of each scoop of tea.

This wastes valuable tea leaves and costs you more in the long run. Instead, look for storage tins to keep your tea fresh longer to enjoy the excellent flavour and save money.

Airtight containers

Best tea tins will provide an airtight seal that locks in fragrance while saving the loose tea from moisture that can destroy and alter the flavour.

Look for tea tins with a silicone seal or airtight locking mechanism to keep your beloved teas tasting the way they were meant to.

Big opening

Nothing is worse than buying a charming storage container and realizing it is a pain to try to get anything out of it. Look for tea tins with a wide opening that is big enough to fit a scoop or spoon.

This will make it amazingly easier to dole out the best amount of tea without wasting precious leaves.

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New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin Caddy with 240 English Breakfast teabags

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New English Teas Vintage Victorian Tea Tin with 240 English Afternoon teabags

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New English Teas Red Vintage Victorian Tea Caddy with 240 Fine Breakfast Teabags, 1 Count

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New English Teas Fine English Breakfast Tea Tin 40 Tea Bags

£5.21  in stock
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